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Leaked photos show Google could be working on a budget Pixel 3 with a headphone jack that costs $400 — and it could have the same amazing camera...

It would be significant If the Google Pixel 3 Lite exists — if it has the same camera as the regular Pixel 3, it could give people access to the best smartphone camera for way less.

A $580 phone from a small smartphone maker that competes against Apple and Samsung has been selling out at around 50% of T-Mobile stores nationwide

It looks like Americans are starting to take notice of OnePlus smartphones, and they only have two places to buy them: Online or at T-Mobile.
The Google Pixel 3.

Google’s impressive ‘Night Sight’ camera feature rolls out today — here’s how it works

Night Sight will come to all Pixel phones, even the original, and it'll work with the selfie camera, too.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone could be an impressive overhaul in design and features — here are 10 rumors about what it’l...

The Samsung Galaxy S10 could be the most futuristic phone out there, if some of these rumors are true.

The $580 OnePlus 6T that’s as good as smartphones that cost twice as much is getting a new color option

OnePlus will come in "Thunder Purple," but it won't be available for the cheapest model.

6 smartphone features that would be great on laptops

Smartphones are getting all the good stuff.

Google finally confirms something people have long suspected — dark mode on Android phones saves battery life

The company admitted it made a mistake in encouraging app developers to use the color white, which drains more power than darker colors.

T-mobile’s incredible $300 discount off the $580 OnePlus 6T ends at midnight

Anyone who's even thought about getting the OnePlus 6T should take advantage of this trade-in deal.
Samsung's foldable smartphone can unfold like a book — from a smartphone into a tablet.

Samsung finally unveiled details about its foldable smartphone — here’s how it works

Samsung showed off a foldable smartphone that it created using a new type of display called "Infinity Flex."