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Samsung’s best Galaxy smartwatches are $70 off right now

Both the 42mm and 46mm Galaxy Watch smartwatches from Samsung are $70 off, and they're the best options for Android users.

I’ve been using my Apple Watch to stay productive when working from home — here are 5 ways it helps me get through the workday

With the coronavirus outbreak, many more people are working from home than usual. Here's how I've been using the Apple Watch to manage work remotely.

Here are all the new features expected to come to your Apple Watch later this year

The Apple Watch's next major software update is expected to bring new features like fresh watch faces, sleep tracking, and a kids mode.
The Apple Watch Series 5

The next Apple Watch is expected to finally get one major feature it’s been missing that Fitbit has offered for years. Here’s everything w...

Apple is expected to release the Apple Watch Series 6 in September. Its biggest new feature is expected to be sleep tracking.
The Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch is getting a new health-tracking feature that Fitbit quietly added to some products earlier this year, report says

The Apple Watch may soon be capable of monitoring blood-oxygen levels, a feature it lacks compared with Fitbit.

A Chinese tech company you’ve likely never heard of made a smartwatch that looks identical to the Apple Watch — and it has a big feature A...

The Oppo Watch may look like an Apple Watch clone, but it can track your sleep unlike Apple's smartwatch. It also should offer longer battery life.
The Apple Watch Series 3.

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is set to release its first smartwatch — and it looks exactly like an Apple Watch

If you've ever seen an Apple Watch, this new smartwatch from Chinese company Oppo should look very familiar.

There’s a ‘Pro’ version of every major Apple gadget except for the Apple Watch. It’s time for that to change.

Apple has a "Pro" product line for the iPhone, AirPods, iPad, and its other major gadgets. Here's why it makes sense to launch an Apple Watch Pro too.

Fitbit quietly added a new feature to some of its products that the Apple Watch doesn’t have

Fitbit has activated the SpO2 sensor in its Versa and Ionic watches and the Charge 3, giving it another feature the Apple Watch lacks.

I swapped out the newest Apple Watch for a cheaper model that’s more than 2 years old — and there’s only one thing I missed about it...

The Apple Watch Series 5's always-on display is the one feature that I missed the most when switching to the lower-priced Series 3.