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Marijuana use is becoming less stigmatized.

Vaping marijuana is technically safer than smoking it, but one caveat could make the habit dangerous for your health

An expert says vaping marijuana is technically better for a person's health than smoking it, but certain trendy vape pens could also be dangerous.

Smoking hookah could put people at a ‘significantly higher’ risk of diabetes and obesity

One session of hookah smoking can be just as dangerous as finishing a pack of cigarettes, according to a new study of more than 9,000 people.
Quitting smoking is hard, but it's possible.

How to quit smoking in 2019, according to experts

INSIDER polled people about their New Year's resolutions to quit smoking. Here's what experts have to say about the most popular quitting plans.
US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said in a new advisory that e-cigs like the Juul are a danger to kids and teens.

The company behind Marlboro just made a huge bet on Juul, and the move makes the Silicon Valley e-cig startup more valuable than Airbnb

Altria, the $100 billion tobacco giant behind Marlboro and Parliament cigarettes, has made a massive investment in Juul.
These are the diets people want to try in 2019.

We asked over 1,000 Americans how they plan to live healthier in 2019. Here are their New Year’s resolutions.

INSIDER polled Americans about the New Year's resolutions they want to make in 2019, and how they plan to achieve these health-related goals.
People who combined traditional and electronic cigarettes had the highest levels of toxins in their bodies, according to the study.

There’s even more evidence that e-cigarettes can expose you to dangerous toxins

A new study found that both e-cigarette and traditional cigarette users had dangerous metals and other toxins in their bodies compared to non-smokers.
Menthol cigarettes are popular among African American smokers, research shows.

The government wants to crack down on cigarettes with menthol, a flavor that’s wildly popular and may make quitting even harder

The FDA wants to ban cigarettes with menthol. It's a popular flavor among smokers, and some research suggests it could make quitting more difficult.
The nickname "popcorn lung" dates back to the 2000s.

A chemical found in some vape flavors has been linked to an irreversible condition called ‘popcorn lung’

Some vape flavor packs contain a chemical that's been linked to a condition called "popcorn lung." Here's what that means.
Juul's flavor pods can still be bought online, and will eventually be allowed back in stores.

Juul will stop selling flavored e-cigarettes in retail stores, and some fans are angry

On Tuesday, Silicon Valley startup Juul announced it would stop selling flavored e-cigs at stores, upsetting many fans of the product.
Cigarette use has dropped, but tobacco use has not.

Cigarette smoking rates are plunging in the US, but there’s a major catch

According to new data from the CDC, cigarette smoking among US adults is at the lowest it's ever been. But 1 in 5 are still using tobacco products.