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Powerful video series lies at the heart of a new anti-smoking campaign

More than 20,000 signed up for last year's I Quit 28-Day Countdown programme, but only 10 per cent stayed away from cigarettes for the entire duration.

The FDA is cracking down on wildly popular e-cigarettes like Juul — and threatening to pull products from the market if teen use isn’t con...

The FDA is taking active steps to enforce and address the e-cigarette epidemic among youths by cracking down on the illegal sales and misleading marketing of these products.

Vaping every day could double your risk of a heart attack, new research suggests

Smoking kills. No other habit has been so strongly tied to death. But vaping is linked with its own set of health risks, including nicotine addiction and potentially doubling one's risk of a heart attack. People who both vape and smoke are the most at risk.

Watch where you light up – new thermal cameras can catch illegal smoking, as well as spitting and littering

Thermal cameras are being installed to catch those who smoke illegally.

A vape pen startup that’s taking over America is raising $1.2 billion — but questions remain about its safety

A vape pen startup that's been taking over America made a splash on Friday with news that it was raising $1.2 billion for an overseas expansion. But concerns about the startup's leading product — a trendy, high-nicotine vape pen known as a Juul — could cloud its future in the next few years.

Researchers have discovered 5 simple factors that have been linked to living about a decade longer

In a new study, researchers pinned down five factors that appear to be strongly linked with a significantly longer life. All five factors are related to lifestyle and include things like diet and exercise.

An e-cigarette with twice the nicotine of comparable devices is taking over high schools — and scientists are sounding the alarm

Teens are bragging about vaping, or "Juuling," with an e-cig called a Juul. But vaping has health risks, especially for young people.

Experts are calling out a vape pen with ‘scary’ nicotine levels that teens love — here’s how it affects the brain

The Juul e-cig is taking over high schools. Worried experts point to its "scary" nicotine content, which may be especially addictive to a developing brain.

Scientists are beginning to learn how vaping impacts teens — and the results are troubling

Several studies, including a new analysis published this week, suggest that teens who try e-cigs are more likely to start smoking conventional cigarettes.

Scientists have found even stronger evidence that vaping is exposing teens to toxic chemicals

In a new study, scientists studied the urine of teen vapers in California and found significant levels of hazardous chemicals like those used for manufacturing.