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Meet the 15 youngest billionaires in America

From Kylie Jenner to the CEO of Dropbox, the 15 youngest billionaires in the US are collectively worth over $100 billion.

Teens give us their best advice on using social media to date while in quarantine

Even if your average teenager isn't a major social media influencer, they may know a thing or two about using social media than the average adult.
Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri.

Instagram is testing disappearing messages — it’s the latest example of the app borrowing ideas from Snapchat

Instagram is prototyping a feature that would clear people's DMs whenever they close out of a conversation, similar to Snapchat.

These are the apps that Apple is recommending for people sheltering in place due to the coronavirus

Apple published a list of apps for people working and staying at home, with everything from online learning tools to recipe apps.
About 63% of teens use social media every day.

How social media affects the mental health of teenagers

Social media can affect teenagers negatively or positively, depending on how they use it. Here's how to talk about social media use with your teen.

The 28 youngest billionaires in tech, from Stripe’s founders to the owner of TikTok

Many of the world's youngest billionaires, like Evan Spiegel and Mark Zuckerberg, hail from the tech industry.

DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT: How to wipe your personal information from Facebook, Amazon, Google, and other major websites and apps

The only way to ensure your sensitive data can't be compromised or hacked is to remove your information from the internet entirely.
Facebook Messenger's redesign means the app has only two tabs.

Facebook is redesigning Messenger app to prioritize Stories in an attempt to replicate the success of Instagram’s killer feature

Facebook Messenger is getting a makeover that is soon rolling out to users, TechCrunch reports.
Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg.

Mike Bloomberg has put together a 270-person digital agency to defeat Donald Trump. Here are 17 execs running Hawkfish.

The candidate has spent $25.7 million on Hawkfish and enlisted dozens from the worlds of politics, advertising, and technology to run it.