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This $25 wireless controller solves the one major problem with the mini Super Nintendo

The wireless Super Nintendo gamepad from 8bitdo is a revelation.

Nintendo gave us a baffling answer when asked about the future of its mini game consoles

What does the future hold for Nintendo's line of inexpensive, miniature, retro video-game consoles? Your guess is as good as ours.

There’s a simple reason that Nintendo can’t keep up with demand for the SNES Classic and other consoles

Market predictions and projections only go so far in estimating the popularity of Nintendo's products.

The new $80 Super Nintendo is about to launch — here’s how you can get one

If you're at all interested in buying the new, mini Super Nintendo that arrives September 29, you need to get ready now.

Nintendo’s approach to selling the $80 Super Nintendo is an anti-consumer fiasco

Nothing about the way Nintendo is handling preorders for the Super NES Classic Edition is consumer-friendly.

It looks like Super Nintendo mania is hitting full swing — so get ready for shortages

The SNES Classic, an $80 miniature Super Nintendo, is already looking like it might be hard to find when it launches on September 29th.

An unreleased Nintendo game from over 20 years ago is finally coming out in 2017

Among the classic games included on Nintendo's upcoming mini Super NES Classic console is the first release of "Star Fox 2," which was completed and canceled.

Nintendo promises that its $80 mini Super Nintendo won’t be impossible to find

Nintendo says it's making more of the Super NES Classic Edition than it did of the NES Classic Edition. But will it be enough?

There’s a way cooler version of the tiny $80 Super Nintendo — but you won’t be able to buy it in the US

Is it any surprise that Europe's getting a more stylish version of the Super NES Classic Edition than the US is? No. No it is not.

Nintendo is firing on all cylinders right now

Between the launch of the Switch, first-party games "Zelda" and "Mario Kart," and a new handheld on the horizon, Nintendo is having a killer 2017 so far.