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Millennials are poorer than earlier generations — and it's making a massive difference.

Sales of nonalcoholic booze are on the rise — and it reveals a dark truth about social-media surveillance culture

Millennials and Gen Zers are drinking less, in part because of fears related to losing control and having the evidence shared on social media.
Marcella Zoia threw a chair from a 45th-floor balcony onto a busy highway.

A 19-year-old Instagrammer handed herself into police after a video showing her throwing a chair off a 45th-floor balcony onto traffic went viral

She has been charged with one count of mischief that endangers life, mischief relating to the damaged property, and common nuisance.
Nick and Zoe Aust in Vienna, Austria.

A newlywed couple traveled to 33 countries for their honeymoon, and the bride wore her dress the whole time

INSIDER talked to Nick and Zoe Aust, the couple behind the successful Instagram account Marry Me In Travel, about their once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.
Social networks like Facebook and Twitter changed how I visit websites these days.

I’ve been online since 1992, and there’s been a subtle, sinister shift in how we use the web

I recently realized that I've been caught in the social media feedback loop for years.
A coat by Orolay is one influencer-backed product that is so popular it's gone viral, and even has its own Instagram account.

Amazon is paying people to recommend clothes to their social media followers

People enrolled in the Amazon Influencer Program get their own "storefront" to display their favorite items, and can make a commission on sales.
A video Justin Bieber uploaded on his YouTube channel in 2007.

11 celebrities who used social media to launch their careers

Social media has created changes in our lives including the ability to release content anytime — that's how these stars got their big break.
"Selfie Harm" by Rankin shows how quick and easy it is to transform your appearance for social media.

A photographer asked teenagers to edit their photos until they thought they looked ‘social media ready,’ and the results are shocking

As part of the "Selfie Harm" series by Rankin, teens made their noses narrower, slimmed their faces, edited out freckles, enlarged eyes and lips, and added makeup.

It was surprisingly easy to quit Facebook after using it for 13 years

It felt as if Facebook was getting much more value from me than I was getting from Facebook.
A squinty photo my fiancee captured just before my first scuba dive. It's not a good photo, and it doesn't matter, because I'm off Instagram.

I ditched Instagram 2 months ago for my birthday, and now I’m convinced there’s no going back

By scaling back from social media, I learned a lot about the relationship I want to have with myself and the world around me.
Pope Francis gives his thumb up upon arriving to preside over an evening vigil with young people at the Campo San Juan Pablo II in Panama City, on January 26, 2019.

People are roasting the Pope for tweeting that the Virgin Mary was the first ‘influencer’

He said earlier Saturday that being an "influencer" means being "guardians of everything that can make us feel part of one another."