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Facebook users can follow your personal profile or professional page. Here's how to see who's doing it.

How to upload a PDF to Facebook in 3 different ways

You can only upload a PDF to Facebook groups and business pages, unless you convert the PDF to an image file.

Inside the rise of TikTok, the viral video-sharing app whose ties to China are raising concerns in the US

Here's how TikTok got its start from a Chinese tech company, and how it's grown into a wildly popular platform with over 1.5 billion downloads.
Mr. Peanut's death will air in a Super Bowl pre-game ad.

Brands from Chips Ahoy to Oscar Mayer are tweeting their condolences after Planters killed off its own mascot, Mr. Peanut

Brands like Chips Ahoy and Oscar Mayer are tweeting about the strange death of Mr. Peanut, likely in an effort to capitalize on the viral trend.
YouTubers have called out fellow influencers for their bad manners in the past.

Shane Dawson revealed the ‘30% rule’ that some influencers use to determine who they can be friends with based on follower count

Morgan Adams learned of the rule when she went on a brand trip to Hawaii with several beauty influencers.
Five lions are starving at a zoo in Sudan because staff are reportedly unable to get them enough food and medical care.

Horrifying images of starving lions in a Sudan zoo have prompted a worldwide campaign to save them

Staff at the zoo have reportedly resorted to using their own money to try and feed the lions and provide medical care.
If you delete a contact in WhatsApp, they will also be deleted from your phone.

How to delete a WhatsApp contact on your mobile device

You can easily delete a WhatsApp contact; however, note that when you delete a contact in WhatsApp, the contact will also be deleted on your phone.
Deleting a WhatsApp group on your mobile phone requires you to first remove each person from the group.

How to delete a WhatsApp group using your iPhone or Android device

You can delete a WhatsApp group that you created or that you are the admin of. Here's how to do it on iPhone or Android.
Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri explained the company's decision to hide the number of likes from users.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri says an episode of ‘Black Mirror’ inspired the decision to test hiding likes

The Instagram CEO said he couldn't stop thinking about an episode of "Black Mirror" when he decided to spearhead the change.

How an ‘erotic influencer’ went from living in her car to making over $100,000 in under a year

Safarii spent years working as a stripper but decided to make a change after facing harassment and instability.

Why Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney, and 12 other celebrities hate social media

Here's why celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Mila Kunis, and Daniel Radcliffe live social media-free in today's uber-connected world.