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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

20 soft skills every leader needs to be successful

Good leaders can deliver bad news tactfully, display proper body language, and know how to recognize and verbally praise good work.

Singapore’s top 3 new skills are design, blockchain, and workflow automation, LinkedIn study finds

Demand for workers with these skills were three times higher than those without, LinkedIn said.

3 in 4 Singaporeans say they weren’t taught enough skills to excel at work – and millennials feel the worst prepared

Respondents said this caused them to make mistakes at work, with some even feeling like quitting their job.

These are 7 of the qualities bosses want the most in their employees

The best way to succeed at work or get a job is to show you have the traits that bosses want. Career experts named nine sought-after qualities.
There's a lot you can learn in just one year.

A 23-year-old engineer who landed an Amazon job right out of college reveals how 7 soft skills helped her succeed in the workplace

Corey Salzer started working at Amazon Web Services shortly after graduating in 2017 from the University of Washington in St. Louis. Below, she dishes on some of the soft skills that she learned in the workplace, and that helped her succeed in the first year of her career.

20 skills that are hard for bosses to master, but can pay off forever

You have to be able to give out — and take — honest criticism.