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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

Elon Musk says Tesla will make ventilators in case of a shortage caused by the coronavirus — here are all the other humanitarian crises he’...

Elon Musk has pledged to fix a lot of humanity's problems. He's doing a lot of good — but not all of his solutions seem to be working.
Small, fixed-wing planes will be the first to go all-electric, an analyst from Lux Research said.

Power Line: How renewable energy will weather a recession, Goldman’s top startups, and a look at the electric plane revolution

This week, we explain how a recession could impact the clean-energy industry, dive into the e-plane revolution, and share this week's top stories.
If you use electricity generated by a wind farm that isn't paired with a renewable energy certificate (REC) then it's technically not clean

Power Line: Inside the $6 billion market where people buy the right to call energy clean, and rooftop solar’s new pitch

This week, we take you inside a bizarre $6 billion market for renewable energy "certificates," and reveal how solar firms ride the wave of survivalism
Despite a recent bump in Tesla's rooftop solar installations, analysts say the company is unlikely to see explosive growth in its solar business.

Power Line: Tesla’s solar slide, the fastest growing battery industries, and Shell’s big bet on hydrogen

This week, we reveal what Wall Street analysts are saying about Tesla's solar business, and break down the battery market's explosive growth.
Business Insider is launching a list of the rising stars of clean energy. Submit your nominations below.

Business Insider is seeking nominations for the ‘Rising Stars of Clean Energy,’ a new project that will showcase up-and-comers who are tra...

Enter nominations for Business Insider's list of the Rising Stars of Clean Energy no later than March 6.
The battery company Amprius is among a trove of startups developing silicone-anode lithium-ion batteries. Last October, Amprius announced a partnership with Airbus, which is developing all-electric aircrafts.

Power Line: The billion-dollar battery race, top wind companies, and seeking nominations for the rising stars of clean energy

This week in Power Line, we dive into a billion-dollar race to develop breakthrough batteries and open nominations for the rising stars of energy.
A rendering of Carbon Engineering's technology. At this scale, the company says it could capture 1 million tons of CO2 per year.

Power Line: Disappointing facts about carbon capture, gender in energy, and the top companies riding the solar boom

This week, we explain some disappointing facts about carbon capture tech, share new stats on energy's gender gap, and list the week's top deals.

Tesla short-sellers have swung back to the SolarCity side of the business. Here’s why.

After Tesla posted a surprise 3rd-quarter profit, short-sellers found themselves burned as the stock surged past $300.
Solar panels on the roof of a Sam's Club in Glendora, California.

Walmart ends legal feud with Tesla after accusing the company’s solar panels of causing fires at 7 stores

When it originally filed the complaint in August, Walmart accused Tesla of "widespread negligence" in installing 240 systems at stores nationwide.

LISTEN: Tesla solar panels have become a nightmare for some homeowners

Tesla customers from Maryland to Arizona with Tesla solar panels have said they were left frustrated as they wait on the company's repairs.