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Portuguese workers harvest cork oak during the summer months.

Portugal makes 40 million cork wine stoppers a day. We visited a cork forest to see how they’re made.

Natural cork has been used in winemaking for centuries. The process of harvesting this material takes precision, years of practice, and a good axe.
These wines cost $3.99.

Here’s what food you should pair with Trader Joe’s $4 wines, according to a sommelier

A sommelier gave her recommendations for pairing food with Trader Joe's budget Charles Shaw organic wines.
Costco, Target, Trader Joe's, BJ's, and Lidl sell a lineup of budget wines.

We asked a sommelier to rank budget wines from Costco, Target, Trader Joe’s, BJ’s, and Lidl to find out where you’ll get the best ba...

Costco, Target, Trader Joe's, BJ's, and Lidl sell a plethora of wines that cost less than $10. Here's how a sommelier ranked them.

8 wines from around the world everyone should try, according to experts

If you're sticking to your favorite wine you're missing a whole world of wonderful beverages. We asked sommeliers to recommend their favorites.
There is some amazing wine to be found around the globe.

6 wine cities all wine lovers should visit, according to sommeliers

After traveling the globe in search of the best wine, two sommeliers reveal to INSIDER their secret list of the best wine cities in the world.
There are some tips and tricks to use when searching for the perfect wine.

12 secrets to enjoying the perfect bottle of wine, according to wine experts

Choosing the perfect bottle of wine can seem overwhelming but there are some easy tips for choosing a wine you'll enjoy. Here are some secrets for choosing the perfect bottle of wine, according to wine experts.
Are you paying too much for your wine?

There’s a threshold for how much you should spend on wine — and it’s lower than you might think

Business Insider spoke to Felipe Carvallo, a wine advisor at Berry Bros. & Rudd, London's oldest wine merchants, to find out if you really are getting enough bang for your bottle. As it turns out, not really.
When the waiter pours you a sample of the wine before serving the whole table, it's not a taste test.

Instead of sipping, here’s what you should do when your waiter serves you a sample glass of wine

There's a certain etiquette that diners should follow when ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant.

There’s a ‘secret society’ of wine experts that meets every Tuesday morning to drink at the world’s best restaurant

The group that meets at Eleven Madison Park every Tuesday at 10 a.m. isn't there for the food. In fact, they generally don't consume any food at all.

The perfect wine to drink with Doritos, Froot Loops, and 7 other cheap snacks in the back of any pantry

Sommelier Mark Oldman recommends unconventional wine pairings for food like Doritos and grilled cheese.