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The Theewaterskloof Dam, which supplies most of Cape Town's potable water, on February 20, 2018.

People in Cape Town have massively delayed the day they run out of water by using dirty shower water to flush their toilets

The South African city has been enduring years of persistent drought, and previously said it would have to turn off most of its taps at some point this year.
The logo of Cape Town's "2-minute Shower Songs" album.

Cape Town is fighting its ‘Day Zero’ water crisis with an album of 2-minute songs to help people take quicker showers

Famous artists recorded sped-up versions of their hits for people to time their showers with.
Cape Town in South Africa.

The world’s first major city at risk of running out of water has pushed back its ‘Day Zero’ for the third time — in an apparen...

The city, one of South Africa's largest, is on a strict water rationing regime — that appears to be working.
Cyril Ramaphosa

Multi-millionaire Cyril Ramaphosa is South Africa’s new president

His election elicited songs and cheers by parliament members and his supporters.
Jacob Zuma in Cape Town, South Africa, in February 2018.

Jacob Zuma has resigned as president of South Africa

It came after South Africa's ruling African National Congress decided to remove Zuma from his role on Monday.

The world’s first city at risk of running out of water could shut off the taps in June — and aerial photos show how dire the situation is

Seven years ago, the mountain-edged dam outside Cape Town was a verdant spot filled with water. But today it looks like a desert.
Cape Town in South Africa.

The world’s first major city at risk of running out of water has pushed back its ‘Day Zero’

The date is now June 4, 2018, opposition party leader Mmusi Maimane said.
President Jacob Zuma

South African President Jacob Zuma is reportedly being fired by his own party

The country's ruling party held an eight-hour meeting on Monday and announced the news on state television.

A major South African city is about to run out of water, and officials say it will be the worst disaster since 9/11

Cape Town, South Africa, is on track to run out of water in less than three months. The government is worried that anarchy could erupt on "Day Zero."
Cape Town, South Africa is set to run out of water by April 12, 2018, sooner than previous predictions.

A major coastal city is running out of water faster than anyone predicted — and people are terrified about ‘Day Zero’

People in Cape Town are lining up in the dark to collect free water at beer breweries. Analysts say a water shut-off could be a terrifying recipe for anarchy.