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Hidden under a 400-feet-thick level of rock, the base is regarded as one of the world's largest secret military objects.

This abandoned Soviet submarine base is beneath 400 feet of rock and could withstand a nuclear blast. Take a look inside.

Located in Balaklava, a small oceanside town in the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine, lies one of the most top-secret abandoned military bases in history.
The springs of Tskaltubo are believed to have healing powers and could even promote immortality.

27 haunting photos show the crumbling ruins of an abandoned Soviet-era spa resort once used by Joseph Stalin

Go inside the ruins of an abandoned Soviet-era spa resort used by Joseph Stalin, where the thermal springs were once called the waters of immortality.
A corridor in Kiev's Zoloti Vorota , or "Gold Gate," subway station in November 2012.

Take a look inside Kiev’s astonishing Soviet-era metro system, home to the deepest subway station in the world

The three lines of the metro system in Kiev, Ukraine, cut across the city, and its stations are filled with chandeliers, mosaics, and colorful stone.

Declassified CIA images show how the US spied on fearsome Soviet weapons during parades

The Soviet Union was secretive about its weapons, but would display its capabilities during holidays — and the CIA (covertly) crashed the party.
A man reads an issue of Pravda newspaper in Moscow, Russia, December 1941.

In a Twitter rant, Elon Musk vowed to create a news credibility rating site called ‘Pravda’ — here’s how that’s connecte...

On Wednesday, Elon Musk slammed the media for allegedly not caring about credibility. He also tweeted that he may set up a site that rates the credibility of news organizations, and call it "Pravda" — the name of an existing Russian newspaper that popped up in the Soviet Era.