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Mark Kelly, now a retired astronaut and US Senate candidate, before NASA's penultimate space shuttle mission in May 2011.

Trump just got a step closer to creating a US Space Force. Mark Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut and Senate hopeful, has said it’s ‘a dumb ...

President Trump signed a directive to help make a US Space Force. Mark Kelly, a Senate candidate and former NASA astronaut, has called it a dumb idea.
Astronaut Mark Kelly prepares for a flight in a NASA T-38 trainer jet in August 2010.

Astronaut Mark Kelly says Trump’s plan to create a Space Force ‘is a dumb idea’

President Donald Trump wants to create a sixth military division called the Space Force. But Mark Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut and Navy veteran, tweeted that it was "a dumb idea" because the US Air Force already has a Space Command and a space force.
An Atlas V rocket carrying the Space Based Infrared System GEO Flight 4 satellite lifts off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, January 19, 2018.

The Air Force is preparing to fight in space ‘in a matter of years’

"I believe we're going to be fighting from space in a matter of years," the Air Force's chief of staff said in February.