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Steve Carell leads the ensemble cast of "Space Force."

Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ is a surprising misfire from the creators of ‘The Office’ — here’s what critics are ...

Critics weren't impressed by the show's directionless story and underwritten characters, but lauded its visuals and John Malkovich's performance.

A White House ceremony unveiled the new US Space Force flag, which has been mocked as a ‘Star Trek’ rip-off

President Donald Trump and senior military leaders unveiled the US Space Force flag, which resembles the iconic emblem from "Star Trek."
Vice President Mike Pence addressed Air Force Academy graduates on Saturday in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

‘America is being tested’: Pence delivers commencement address to Air Force Academy class of 2020 and its first cadets to join Trump’...

A wide shot of the event showed the academy graduates seated eight feet apart to comply with social distancing guidelines.

2 Russian spacecraft are trailing a US spy satellite and could create a ‘dangerous situation in space’

A US satellite used to capture images of Earth is being followed by a pair of Russian satellites, the commander of the Space Force said.
In the film "Ad Astra," the astronaut played by Brad Pitt is continuously subject to psychological monitoring via an AI interface, and uses a "comfort room" filled with screens playing videos designed to improve his mood.

A Silicon Valley startup is developing ‘digital’ drugs to buck up US troops in space — and spot trouble

The technology keeps a record of the user's emotional changes and will eventually be able to mine text messages and facial expressions.

Trump’s official unveiling of new Space Force logo is being mocked for looking like a ‘Star Trek’ rip-off

"I am pleased to present the new logo for the United States Space Force, the Sixth Branch of our Magnificent Military," Trump said in a tweet.
The United States Space Force Twitter account confirmed that the new uniforms have "touched down in the Pentagon."

The first Space Force uniforms have reached the Pentagon, and people are making fun of the camouflage print

The Space Force Twitter account showed off the first ever uniforms for the division, and people are joking that they should be black, not camouflage.
The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle launches from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, September 7, 2017.

The US now has a Space Force and a Space Command. It’s not clear what each will do, but commanders are excited

The new Space Force will support the slightly less new Space Command. The exact division of responsibilities is still being worked out.

Elon Musk welcomes Space Force with 2 words on Twitter: ‘Starfleet begins’

President Trump launched the first new military service in more than 70 years. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk responded on Twitter with a 'Star Trek' reference.
Mark Kelly, now a retired astronaut and US Senate candidate, before NASA's penultimate space shuttle mission in May 2011.

Trump just got a step closer to creating a US Space Force. Mark Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut and Senate hopeful, has said it’s ‘a dumb ...

President Trump signed a directive to help make a US Space Force. Mark Kelly, a Senate candidate and former NASA astronaut, has called it a dumb idea.