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NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine clasps his hands during a press conference on January 19, 2020.

‘This is the first time NASA has been in this situation’: NASA is forcing nearly all 17,000 of its staff to work from home after coronavir...

"All employees and contractors will move to mandatory telework until further notice," NASA's administrator, Jim Bridenstine, said Tuesday.

NASA says it needs a $1.6 billion ‘down payment’ from Congress to send astronauts back to the moon within 5 years

Jim Bridenstine, NASA's administrator, says the space agency needs more money to send people to the moon in 2024 as part of its "Artemis" program.
An artist's depiction of NASA's Space Launch System rocketing a crew toward orbit.

NASA ‘will eventually retire’ its new mega-rocket if SpaceX, Blue Origin can safely launch their own powerful rockets

NASA is building the Space Launch System (SLS) to send astronauts back to the moon. But it will retire it if SpaceX and Blue Origin build big rockets.
An artist's depiction of NASA's Space Launch System rocketing a crew toward orbit.

NASA’s only plan to return astronauts to the moon after nearly 50 years just got slammed by an internal audit

NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) is designed to be the world's most powerful rocket — one able to take astronauts to the moon and Mars. However, the program is running years behind schedule and facing billions in cost overruns. A new government audit singles out Boeing and NASA for missteps.
NASA is modifying and testing space shuttle engines for use on its new Space Launch System mega-rocket.

NASA just fired an old space shuttle engine at ‘113% thrust’ — and plans to use it on a new mega-rocket

The space agency is modifying old space shuttle engines for use on SLS, a 321-foot-tall mega-rocket that might send astronauts to the moon and Mars.

‘Rich guys love rockets’: These are all the rockets Trump just showed off during a cabinet meeting

President Donald Trump showed off models of next-generation rockets designed by SpaceX, ULA, and NASA during a White House cabinet meeting.

Watch NASA test the monster engine that will launch the most powerful rocket in history

NASA's most powerful rocket might also be the loudest.

The first Mars astronauts may be trapped inside of a tube for 3 years with no chance of escape

The Space Launch System would help astronauts get to the planet, but they'd never step onto red dirt by President Donald Trump's deadline of 2033.

Trump just signed a law that maps out NASA’s long-term future — but a critical element is missing

The NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017 calls for a $19.5 billion budget, cancels an asteroid mission, and asks the space agency to hunt for aliens.

NASA may take a $400 million hit under Trump’s proposed budget

A budget proposed by the Trump administration would cut funding to NASA by nearly half a billion dollars if accepted.