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A joint special operations force, including soldiers from the 7th Special Forces Group, board an Osprey during an exercise at Eglin Range Complex, May 3, 2018.

A Special Forces soldier is being investigated for smuggling millions of dollars of drugs — and it may be part of a much bigger scheme

It's not unheard of for US military personnel to get involved in drug trafficking, and the latest serviceman to be implicated is a highly decorated special forces veteran of Afghanistan.
Multinational special operations forces participate in a submarine insertion exercise with the fast-attack submarine USS Hawaii and combat rubber raiding craft off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, July 9, 2018.

Here’s what it looks like when special operations forces launch raids from a submarine

The fast-attack submarine USS Hawaii carried out a discreet mission close to the shore of Oahu, secreting special-operations personnel close to shore to practice a submarine-insertion maneuver that's a mainstay of naval commando raids. Here's how it works.

Step inside Jordan’s special forces training center — which is carved out of a mountain and has everything the most elite soldiers in the ...

The sound of gunfire, explosions, helicopters, and tire screeches reverberate around the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre.

Congress is worried that US special-operations forces may be stretched to the limit

With Special Forces soldiers in high demand for US military operations around the world, US officials are worried that the community will lose its edge.
The Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Michigan docked at the Republic of Korea's Busan Naval Base as part of a routine port visit.

The monster nuclear submarine the US sent to South Korea looks like it may be packed with Navy SEALs

The USS Michigan may be carrying US Navy SEALs to South Korea as tensions flare between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

US Army Special Operations soldiers reportedly injured in explosion at Fort Bragg

Eight soldiers were reportedly injured in an explosion during a training exercise at Fort Bragg.

This Army helicopter pilot kept flying for 5 hours despite being shot during a raid on ISIS

"Staying in the air with a wounded leg for five hours is no small feat. That is pretty heroic."

After multiple deployments, US special forces may have ‘mortgaged the future’

"I think the concerns that we have mostly are in readiness across the force."

North Korea reportedly formed special-operations forces ‘for the first time’ amid tensions with the US

North Korea reportedly formed special-operations forces in response to rising tensions between the isolated country and the US.