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Apple has released some incredible innovations over the last several years.

The best apps for downloading and listening to free music on your iPhone

If you're looking to download and listen to free music on your iPhone, you should know a few of the best free music apps.
Spotify shares.

Spotify takes a hit after report says Amazon is exploring a free music service

Spotify shares fell in pre-market trading on Monday after a Billboard report said Amazon was exploring a "free, ad-supported music service."

Apple Music tops Spotify in US paid subscribers

Apple Music has bested Spotify in at least one domain: paid US subscribers, per The Wall Street Journal.

Apple dropped the price of the HomePod smart speaker to $300, but that’s not going to fix its problems

Price aside, Apple's first HomePod is still bogged down by frustrating limitations.
We tested the sound quality of music streaming service Qobuz against the highest-fidelity versions of Spotify and Tidal.

We compared Spotify, Tidal, and Qobuz, a streaming service that says it has 29 times better sound quality than Spotify — here’s how they f...

We tested the sound quality of music streaming service Qobuz against Spotify and Tidal, and we're not sure Qobuz is worth the extra cost.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple goes for the jugular in a searing response to Spotify’s antitrust complaint

Apple said Spotify wants to keep all the benefits of a free app on the App Store, without being free.

14 apps everyone should have on their phone

People spend most of their time in just a handful of apps. These are the best ones.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple made $156 million from the rival music streaming service trying to tear up its app business

Apple lost out on around $98 million thanks to Spotify circumventing the App Store.
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, which laid off 190 people from its self-driving car team earlier this month.

Spotify just painted a big target on Apple’s back, and the iPhone maker should worry if antitrust regulators start aiming at it

An antitrust investigation into Apple could lead to a big fine, hamper its business, and sully its reputation.
Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.

Here’s why Spotify is declaring war on Apple and not Google

The problem boils down to the fact that Apple won't allow Spotify to advertise that subscriptions are cheaper through its website, not the app.