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You can open RAR files on your Mac computer to share or download a large amount of files.

How to change the email on your Spotify account, and stay up to date on the latest new music news

You can change your Spotify email by editing your profile, which you'll need to do through an internet browser. Here's how to do it.

How to share a Spotify playlist using your computer or mobile device

You can easily share a Spotify playlist with friends and family by selecting the "Share" option on the playlist page. Here's how to use it.
It's easy to stop Spotify from opening when you startup your Mac computer.

How to change your Spotify profile picture using the desktop app, and personalize your account

The only way to change your Spotify profile picture is through the desktop app. There, you can pick a picture from anywhere on your computer.
It only takes a few minutes to delete a Spotify account.

How to delete your Spotify account, and erase your personal data and playlists

To delete your Spotify account, you'll have to go through the Spotify website in an internet browser. Here's how to navigate the deletion menus.
It only takes a few clicks to change your Spotify password.

How to change your Spotify password in 2 ways, and keep your account as secure as possible

You can easily change your Spotify password by accessing your account on the Spotify website. You can also reset your password from the site.
You can subscribe to Spotify Premium on your iPhone or a computer.

How to connect your Spotify account to Facebook using a computer or mobile device

You can easily connect Spotify to Facebook on your mobile device or computer to share music with your friends on the social networking site.

A music artist says Apple Music pays her 4 times what Spotify does per stream, and it shows how wildly royalty payments can vary between services

Most popular streaming services pay artists using a system called pro rata, but many find it convoluted and unfair to smaller artists.

How to change a playlist’s cover art in the Spotify app for iPhone, or add a custom image

You can change a playlist cover in the Spotify app on your iPhone by rearranging your songs, so the album art collage shifts. Here's how to do that.

Jimmy Iovine, the legendary music executive who helped create Apple Music, thinks streaming has a margins problem

In an interview with The New York Times published Monday, Iovine also touched on his relationship with Steve Jobs.