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Spring breakers have been contributing to the spread of the coronavirus.

44 Texas spring breakers who partied in Cabo have tested positive for the coronavirus

The spring breakers reportedly got on a chartered plane with 70 people. It shows why spring break is such a problem during the coronavirus pandemic.
Some spring break hot spots canceled spring break 2020, while others kept the party going.

Spring breakers kept hitting the beaches amid the coronavirus pandemic — and now some have tested positive. Here’s how 7 hot spots around ...

The global coronavirus health crisis coincided with spring break 2020, but students from Texas to Cancun were still spring breaking anyway.
Max Schulman

A Gen Zer who contracted the coronavirus during his spring break says the White House’s response to the pandemic is one of the main reasons why ...

Max Schulman admitted he wasn't "taking the threat that seriously" during his spring break. Now, he's encouraging others to understand the danger.
Some people are calling those who ignore social distancing COVIDIOTs.

COVIDIOT: The latest slang people are using to describe spring breakers, toilet-paper hoarders, and politicians during the coronavirus pandemic

COVIDIOT is just the latest addition to the memes made about the coronavirus crisis. Others include the callous #BoomerRemover nickname for COVID-19.

A group of Florida college students traveling together on spring break have tested positive for the novel coronavirus

Four of the students are self-isolating on campus, and two others are self-isolating elsewhere, the University of Tampa said.

Tech billionaire Michael Dell has a stern warning for spring breakers partying on the beach and flouting coronavirus guidelines

After seeing a video of college kids explaining why they still flocked to Miami, Dell says he wouldn't hire them at his companies.

‘We’re not worried about it:’ Photos show the coronavirus pandemic isn’t stopping spring breakers from crowding beaches and pa...

Spring breakers were seen living it up in Clearwater, Florida, South Padre Island in Texas, and The Bahamas this week amid coronavirus concerns.

‘The party is over’: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ends spring break amid the coronavirus pandemic

Footage of thousands of spring breakers packed together on Florida's beaches has sparked widespread condemnation.

Spring breakers vacationing in Miami are taking the coronavirus outbreak lightly, saying they won’t let it ‘stop me from partying’

"If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I'm not going to let it stop me from partying," one partier said in a widely viewed video.
A screenshot from STS Travel's Facebook page of Blackbeard's Revenge Cruise on March 16, 2020.

A video of college students partying on a 250-person booze cruise ‘pirate ship’ shows just how hard it’s been to stop America’...

The popular "booze cruise" had 250 people on board, just as large gatherings are being banned and "social distancing" is strongly recommended.