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A U.S. Marine assigned to the Scout Sniper School, Weapons Training Battalion, looks through the scope of his rifle during a final exercise aboard Quantico, Va., Jan. 19, 2017.

These Marine snipers disappeared right in front of us, vanishing into a field as top sharpshooters hunted for them

About a dozen US Marines disappeared into the field. Check out these pictures of how they vanished into a grassy field.

The latest Instagram update hides your Stories’ viewer list after 24 hours, and people are furious they can’t see who’s stalking the...

People on Twitter are upset that the new Instagram update has taken away their ability to stalk who has been viewing their Stories.

Twitter sent a woman’s address to the man who was harassing her after she filed a complaint

Here's a scary story of what happened when one women contacted Twitter to report that she was being harassed.