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Tiffany Haddish apologized for her disastrous New Year’s Eve standup set when some fans booed and walked out. Other celebrities came to her defe...

Tiffany Haddish forgot some of her own jokes during a New Year's Eve standup set in Miami. She apologized for it on Twitter.
Jim Gaffigan's "Noble Ape."

Jim Gaffigan on turning down Netflix to make his latest stand-up special ‘available to everyone,’ and exploring cathartic material about h...

For his latest stand-up special, "Noble Ape," Jim Gaffigan passed on Netflix to release his special straight to theaters and services like iTunes and Amazon Prime as part of a distribution deal with his producer, Comedy Dynamics.

Netflix’s ‘Nanette’ is being praised as a ‘radical’ and ‘moving’ new comedy special

Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby's new Netflix standup special is being hailed as "transformative" for comedy. During the special, Gadsby says that she's quitting comedy, as she confronts the MeToo movement from a personal standpoint.