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The second blue moon of 2018 is about to arrive — here’s what that means and how rare they really are

According to one definition of "blue moon," the second full moon in a month is a blue moon.

A ‘planet parade’ is coming Thursday morning, when Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto will line up — here’s how to see it

Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto will all line up in the pre-dawn sky on March 8, with the moon lining up between Jupiter and Mars in the early morning.
Stargazers in Amman prepare to watch the Leonid meteor shower.

The Leonid meteor shower is peaking — here’s the best time to look for shooting stars

Whenever Earth plows through a trail of dust and debris left by a comet, a meteor shower happens. Right now the Leonids are peaking in activity.

A bright orange star will vanish behind the moon this weekend, and you don’t need a telescope to watch

Most people in the US can watch the moon block a bright star called Aldebaran on Saturday, March 4. Some will even see it "graze" Earth's natural satellite.

A secret ‘night vision’ mode in the iPhone’s new software has stargazers very excited

When backyard astronomers updated their iPhones to iOS 10, they couldn't get enough of the software's new accessibility color filters.