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Openpath founders Alex Kazerani and James Segil

This office security startup wants to kill the keycard

Openpath, which just raised $20 million, lets employees enter the office with their phones — and claims it can do it without any glitches or hiccups.
Sam Yagan started his first company, SparkNotes, as a Harvard undergrad.

A flood of hate mail might seem like the first sign of a startup’s demise — but successful founders say customers’ fury can be a goo...

SparkNotes is but one example of a startup that was so popular in its early days that it could barely keep up with customer demand. Some experts say this is the sign of success, and a solid product-market fit.

Millennials love these popular products — but Trump’s second round of tariffs could make them more expensive for consumers

A second round of tariffs imposed by the White House could impose a 25% tax on products associated with e-cigarette company Juul and e-bike startup Bird.
Cursor CEO and Founder Adam Weinstein

Why this top LinkedIn employee quit to start his own data analytics company

Adam Weinstein left LinkedIn last year and two months ago launched Cursor, a data analytics startup that lets anyone inside a company search for data across departments, applications, and platforms.

China created 46 startups worth at least $1 billion in the five years since 2012 — 80% of all of Asia’s unicorns

Shanghai and Beijing are still behind Silicon Valley by a good margin in terms of total funding dollars and unicorn creation, but the Chinese cities are growing quickly.

Light, the startup that made a $2,000 camera with 16 lenses, is planning a 9-lens smartphone to be released later this year

Tech startup Light is known for its futuristic 16-lens camera. Now, the company is working on a smartphone that has between five and nine rear camera lenses that can take 64-megapixel photos.

I tried StyleBee, the ‘Uber for beauty’ startup that will send a hairstylist to your home or office — here’s what it’s l...

StyleBee was founded in 2014 and hires professional stylists to travel to you for hair, makeup and nail appointments instead of the other way around. I had my hair done by a StyleBee stylist for a post-work event — here's how it went.
GOAT cofounder and CEO Eddy Lu only found success after years of persistence through failure and frustration.

The CEO of the world’s biggest sneaker marketplace explains how a string of failed startups led to one worth $250 million

Eddy Lu and his cofounder built GOAT, which has become the world's largest resale market for high-end sneakers. He explained how this only came after more than a decade of failed startups and lessons learned along the way.
A rider in San Francisco uses a Skip scooter.

This CEO says his hot startup is working on a fix for the most annoying thing about the San Francisco scooter craze

After electric scooters descended on San Francisco, city dwellers voiced their outrage over scooters routinely blocking sidewalks and building entrances. Parking startup SpotHero says it's in talks with several, unnamed scooter companies to help them move scooters off the sidewalks and into garages.