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Frank Wuco appears on Fox News.

Trump official who fueled racist ‘birther’ conspiracy theory against Obama is now managing nuclear weapons treaties

He falsely claimed the ex-CIA chief John Brennan converted to Islam and that former Attorney General Eric Holder was a member of the Black Panthers.
Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in November 2017.

The US is losing its crown to China as the world’s biggest diplomatic power, think tank says

US foreign policy has weakened under President Donald Trump, who has slashed funding for the State Department and struggled to fill key roles.
Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

State Department documents link Mike Pompeo to Rudy Giuliani in the months leading up to Yovanovitch’s recall

A bombshell report released Friday revealed a paper trail between Giuliani, Pompeo, and Trump's former assistant.
Mina Chang.

What we know about Mina Chang, a State Department official and self-described singer who just resigned over her dubious résumé

Mina Chang resigned from the State Department amid questions about whether she misrepresented her work history and educational background.
Mina Chang.

The State Department official who embellished her résumé and appeared with a fake Time cover of herself has resigned

Mina Chang, who claims to be a Harvard and Army War College grad, said the State Department is facing the "most profound moral crisis" in its history.

Marie Yovanovitch gave powerful and incriminating testimony in the Trump impeachment hearing. Here are the biggest takeaways.

Yovanovitch focused on Trump, his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and top brass at the State Department in her nearly seven-hour hearing on Friday.

Marie Yovanovitch testified that the State Department wouldn’t publicly defend her because officials feared the threat of a Trump tweet

Yovanovitch said she was horrified at the "baseless allegations" raised against her by Rudy Giuliani and other Trump associates.
Mina Chang.

Trump official with dubious résumé appears to have even skipped a 6-day leadership seminar

"Anyone with basic due diligence would have been able to catch this," a former State Department official told Business Insider. "It's insane."
Mina Chang.

A State Department official followed Trump’s lead and created a fake Time magazine cover touting her accomplishments

Mina Chang presented the fake cover at her job interview for the State Department position, and even discussed it in a 2017 video interview.

It looks like Trump and Giuliani’s efforts to intimidate and bully the former Ukrainian ambassador went much further than publicly known

The transcript shows that Trump and Rudy Giuliani's efforts to intimidate and bully Marie Yovanovitch went much further than previously known.