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Trump just threw his very first state dinner — and it reveals key differences between him and Obama

Donald Trump and Barack Obama have both hosted a French president for a lavish state dinner. Both featured course after course of decadent gourmet food. Obama's bash was bigger, but Trump's was bedecked in gold.

Trump is hosting his first state visit in office — take a look back at how the elaborate diplomatic tradition became what it is today

Trump is hosting French president Emmanuel Macron for a state visit, a part of important diplomatic tradition in the US. From the king of Hawaii to the queen of the UK, here's a look at how the US feted some international leaders throughout history.

Pictures show high-profile titans of business and politics arriving for Trump’s first state dinner as president

President Donald Trump held a swanky dinner and hosted French President Emmanuel Macron amid a crowd composed of top officials and business leaders.
President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron shovel dirt onto a freshly planted oak tree gift as first lady Melania Trump watches on the South Lawn of the White House on April 23, 2018..

The most surprising formal protocol presidents and first ladies have to follow during official state visits

Hosting a state dinner has been a presidential tradition for the last century. Here are the steps that shape the ceremony's pomp and circumstance.
It's Trump's first ever state diner.

Trump and Macron are meeting up for a state dinner — here are 9 US presidents who previously hosted French leaders

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron are getting together for Trump's first ever state dinner.

In a major departure from tradition, Trump will not invite Democrats or the media to his first state dinner

President Trump is holding his first state dinner for French President Emmanuel Macron, and Democrats and the media are not invited.

GOP senator says she wishes Trump would spend more time in DC, less at Mar-a-Lago

GOP Sen. Joni Ernst told her constituents at a town hall in Iowa on Tuesday that she wishes President Donald Trump "would spend more time in Washington, DC."

The biggest stars who showed up at the Obamas’ last-ever state dinner

From Gwen Stefani to Frank Ocean, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama held a star-studded affair for their final state dinner.