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This map shows the happiest states in the US — and the ones that are struggling

Happiness and living the good life are a cornerstone of the American Dream. This map shows where the pursuit of happiness is strongest.

This map shows the most commonly spoken language in every US state, excluding English and Spanish

According to Business Insider tabulations of individual-level census data, German, French, and Vietnamese are common in several states.

From Greyhound to school buses, this map shows how much bus drivers make in every US state

Bus drivers move huge numbers of Americans to and from their destinations every day, and the job is more lucrative in some states than others.
Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

Here are the US states that could be hit hardest by the ‘tech cold war’

To get a sense of how a trade war could affect various states' economies, we took a look at Census data on how much trade each state has with China.
You may recognize the flag of the United States, but do you recognize state flags?

Can you identify these US state flags?

Here's some fun trivia for you. Every state in the US has its own flag, can you identify which flag belongs to which state?

The 15 US states with the lowest college graduation rates

Using data from the Department of Education, we found a weighted average of graduation rates for colleges and universities located in each state.

The biggest company in almost every US state

Some of the companies are household names, while others may be less known.

The most popular baby names in every state

Liam was the top name for baby boys in 20 states, and Emma was the most popular name for girls in 15 states.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, is an underrated city.

10 overrated US cities and where you should go instead

Cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami are crowded, pricey, and overrated. Here's where you should be traveling to instead.