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A mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.

An LA broker who has sold over $4.5 billion of luxury real estate says the ultra-wealthy buy and sell their homes by word of mouth — and reveals...

A top LA real-estate agent revealed that ultra-wealthy sellers keep their homes off the market partially because it's a symbol of wealth.

Wealthy Americans don’t have enough time in the day to spend their money, and it’s stressing them out

Being wealthy means you have more options for spending cash — but when you have a lot of it, you can get stressed about how you're going to spend it.
A rise in discreet wealth has created new status symbols.

A rise in discreet wealth is creating a new type of status symbol, and the elite are spending their money on 5 key lifestyle choices to keep up with i...

Discreet wealth is the new status symbol — the rich are investing less in material goods and more in immaterial means in five major ways.

Forget duck-pattern sheets and DIY wallpaper: Wealthy New Yorkers are dropping up to $100,000 on nurseries for their kids with details like gold cribs...

Many New Yorkers are spending thousands of dollars on nurseries for their children, which begs the question: Are baby rooms the new status symbol?