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What Silicon Valley is doing to make humans live longer

Peter Diamandis, co-founder of Celularity and Human Longevity, Inc., explains how Silicon Valley can make 100 the new 60.

This startup wants to regenerate the heart and brain to keep people healthier for longer

BlueRock launched in 2016 with $225 million from Bayer and Versant Ventures, with the goal of creating a next-generation regenerative-medicine company.

Here’s the cancer data that led AbbVie to make the 2nd-largest acquisition in the history of venture capital

Stemcentrx wants to target cancer stem cells to treat a form of lung cancer — and we just got more data showing how it works.

The CEO of a $12 billion biotech startup explains why he didn’t look to Silicon Valley for backing

Samumed CEO Osman Kibar spoke to CNBC about its valuation and the company's goal to provide "disease-modifying" treatments.

The second-largest acquisition in the history of venture capital happened today — here’s why a pharma giant paid $10 billion for a startup...

Stemcentrx, a former Sillicon Valley unicorn, is developing drugs that go after cancer stem cells. Here's why AbbVie thinks that's a good idea.