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Tennessee is among the least innovative states in the U.S.

These are the 10 least innovative states in the U.S.

States like California and New York are often seen as epicenters for technological innovation, while states in the middle of the U.S. can be ignored.
China landing its Chang'e 4 spacecraft on the far side of the moon is an early phase of an ambitious program of space exploration.

‘This is more than just a landing’: Why China’s mission on the far side of the moon should be a wake-up call for the world

China landing a car-sized lunar spacecraft, called Chang'e 4, on the far side of the moon is a triumph. It's also a technological shot across the bow.

The best STEM toys you can buy for kids

These are the best STEM toys to make learning a fun experience for the children in your life.
Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump visit students November 27 at an Idaho school.

Ivanka Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook visited an Idaho school to promote the benefits of Apple products for education

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump visited an elementary school and were greeted by a gathering of activists both in support of and in protest of their visit.
Add the Sketch Kit to the Cue Coding Robot to program the bot to draw.

This $180 toy robot has virtually limitless activities that teach my kids STEM skills, and it’s a lot of fun

Kids today still love building blocks, but in the Information Age, screens are a big draw. Wonder Workshop combines these two with the Cue Coding Robot.

Women occupied only 24% of STEM jobs in 2017 — but there’s a way we can fix that

The percent of women in science, tech, engineering, and math (STEM) was 24% in 2017. Congressman Marc Veasey explains why he is introducing a bill that would direct NASA and the National Science Foundation to provide funding to minority women and girls to pursue careers in STEM.
Sylvia Acevedo credits her career success to her early years as a Girl Scout.

The Girl Scouts have gone from baking and sewing to cybersecurity and financial literacy

Sylvia Acevedo grew up as a Girl Scout and was named CEO of the organization in 2017 after working as a rocket scientist for NASA and engineer for IBM. She introduced new Girl Scout badges, including for programming robots and cybersecurity mastery.
In 1980, Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo was told she couldn't receive a promotion because she was a woman.

A rocket scientist-turned-CEO proved her boss wrong early in her career by booking a ticket to Latin America — and got herself a promotion

The CEO of Girl Scouts wasn't always surrounded by women in her career. In fact, being a woman almost held Sylvia Acevedo back from getting a promotion — until she proved her boss wrong.
Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo has used her trailblazing career as a model for the scouts she now oversees.

Girl Scouts CEO explains why she’s not worried about Boy Scouts going co-ed

Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo had a career as a trailblazer, and now she's using her experience to reinvent the Girl Scouts with a science and tech focus. She's also doubling down on programs tailored to girls as Boy Scouts goes co-ed.

Top tech talent is losing interest in working for Facebook — and the company’s tough year in headlines might be the cause

Students from universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, and Georgia Tech are losing interest in working at Facebook.