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Congress has yet to agree on the latest coronavirus relief package, so don’t expect another stimulus check in June

Many Democratic lawmakers are pushing to send more stimulus checks to households, but it's unlikely to happen in June.

The EU plans a record-breaking new stimulus package of $826 billion to soothe Europe’s economic pain from the coronavirus

The European commission aims to fund its recovery plan by raising unprecedented sums on the financial markets.
Global health will take a grim toll on markets.

A Nobel Prize-winning economist says the coronavirus recession is ‘a textbook example of showing that markets don’t work’

"If we don't manage things well, this will be the deepest downturn in living memory," says Nobel laureate in economics Joseph Stiglitz.

Treasury says 4 million Americans should expect prepaid debit cards with stimulus payments. Here’s who gets them and when, and how they work.

The debit card can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM, transfer funds to a bank account, issue a check, or make purchases wherever Visa is accepted.

House Democrats vote to pass new relief package, which includes more $1,200 cash payments to Americans and their families

House Democrats propose more lifelines for struggling workers, including another stimulus check, in the latest coronavirus emergency relief bill.
Goldman Sachs expects the Indian economy to shrink 45% on an annualized basis this quarter.

Goldman Sachs: India’s economy will shrink 45% this quarter and suffer a brutal recession this year

The bank's economists forecast a 5% decline in India's real GDP this year, the steepest drop since 1979.
Americans who have given the IRS their direct-deposit details will get paid the quickest.

The IRS says Americans waiting on stimulus checks have until Wednesday to submit direct-deposit information online

The IRS has an online tool where you can provide your bank details instead of waiting for a paper check. The deadline to submit is May 13.
Mitch McConnell gave trillions to big companies two years ago.

Don’t believe Mitch McConnell’s talk about ‘austerity’ — his track record shows he’d rather bail out corporations ...

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act gave big corporations a $2 trillion cushion. But now when the economy needs it most, he's worried about the expense.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Mitch McConnell wants to prevent a ‘blue state bailout’ of stimulus money. But Kentucky takes more from the federal government than almost...

Kentucky has a bigger balance than 47 other states from the 2015 fiscal year through 2018, according to the Rockefeller Institute of Government.
Angelo Boria, left and Tom Baird of the The Bread & Roses soup kitchen unload food donations for distribution outside Community Christian Fellowship Lawrence in Lawrence, Massachusetts, April 15, 2020.

America’s real coronavirus job losses could be worse than we thought. Nearly 14 million people haven’t been able to apply to unemployment ...

More than 26 million people have applied for unemployment insurance since the coronavirus pandemic began. But millions more have been ignored.