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Here are the biggest one-day point drops in the Dow’s history

Stocks tumbled — here's how the carnage compares to the worst days for the Dow in history.

Here’s every stock market crash in the past 60 years

There have been 57 stock crashes of 20% or more since 1950.

This chart shows what happens when you hold stocks for decades

Historically, stocks have tended to go up over the long run, and holding stocks for a long time has often been a good plan.

If you’re investing for the long term, you probably shouldn’t worry about a stock market crash

Timing the market is a difficult, if not impossible, task for the ordinary investor, and keeping a steady hand and not panicking is a better strategy.

Societe Generale doesn’t think Albert Edwards’ crazy call for a 75% market crash is all that crazy

"So even if you consider such downside forecasts 'perma-bear' nonsense, they shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand."

PETER SCHIFF: We’re going to have a serious recession and negative interest rates before the election

"We're headed for a real economic collapse, the order of magnitude of which will be much greater than 2008's crash."

A key US economic indicator is on an ugly streak that has never occurred outside a recession

The total of 10 month-over-month declines in industrial production has never been observed outside the context of a US recession.

This chart puts the scale of the stock market plunge into perspective

This chart puts the scale of the stock market plunge into perspective

Make no mistake — the stock market might still be crashing

Violent zigzags marked the tops of the past two bubbles.