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‘Trump kicks markets in the gut’ — US stocks are set for more pain as trade-war fears grip investors again

Asian and European stocks plunged on Friday, following a US rout on Thursday, after Trump's threat of more tariffs. US stocks are set to fall again.

US stocks set to plunge as traders fret about China’s response to Trump’s trade war

Futures on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq are down at least 1.2%. "Investors are again growing worried on what China's response will be."

Global stocks are a sea of red on trade-war fears after Trump claimed that China ‘broke the deal’

Trump's comment fanned concerns the tariff hike will go ahead. If that happens, one analyst said that "we could expect equities to continue falling."

Global stocks gain after ‘Apple’s got its mojo back’ with bullish forecast — while traders cheer China trade-war progress and ...

Apple lifted futures on the tech-heavy Nasdaq about 0.8%, with global gains on US-China trade war progress and optimism about the upcoming Fed decision.

Markets mixed as growth fears clash with strong US bank earnings and Chinese export gains

Stock markets reflected optimism mixed with trade disputes and financial conditions that "have been plaguing investors," said London Capital Group's Jasper Lawler.

Stocks hold gains as Trump announces a temporary end to the government shutdown

US equity markets opened higher Friday and held their gains after President Donald Trump announced a temporary end to the government shutdown.

Dow gains nearly 400 points

Tech stocks lead the pack, with airlines and metals producers also getting a boost.