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Traders work on the floor of the NYSE in New York — but not the global, Malta-based stock exchange in question.

There’s a new global stock exchange centered on digital assets being built in Malta

A global trade market for decentralized assets like cryptocurrencies and equity tokens is taking root in Malta, the tiny European country that has positioned itself as a pioneer in the blockchain industry.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s 100 million euro move to Juventus sends shares rocketing almost 40%

Ronaldo was Real Madrid's top all-time goal scorer, with 451 goals since moving there in 2009. He has won five Ballons d'Or — the most prestigious individual trophy in world soccer — and is arguably the greatest player in the history of the sport.

Amazon just rocked healthcare stocks with reports it’ll buy a pharmacy startup — Here are the 7 times it’s panicked investors in oth...

Amazon has repeatedly showed an uncanny ability to disrupt entire segments of the stock market with corporate announcements.
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross shorted shares of a Kremlin-linked company days before a bombshell story dropped

Three days after receiving inquiries from the New York Times, Ross made the so-called short sale in Navigator Holdings. He closed out his position nearly three weeks after the Paradise Papers showed his investment and the company's link to the Kremlin.
A General Electric sign.

GE is getting booted from the Dow Jones industrial average: Here are the members of the original 1896 index

General Electric is being booted from the Dow Jones Industrial Average for Walgreens Boots Alliance. GE was the last-standing member of the original 1896 index, which consisted only of industrial stocks. Here's where those companies are today.

Morgan Stanley warns investors are in more danger of a market wreck than they realize and pinpoints one sector to stay safe

BI PRIME: Stock market investors are taking on more risk than is obvious on the surface. Michael Wilson, Morgan Stanley's chief equity strategist, breaks down the evidence of excessive risk-taking that, by the end of this year, could turn around to bite investors who don't adjust their portfolios.
Stock traders wearing Y2K glasses celebrate at the last trading day 1999, where closed up with the historic record of 17,091 points, in the floor of Sao Paulo's Stock Exchange, December 30.

The world’s hottest tech companies are now worth more than $5 trillion, and they could be pointing out the next big bubble

The most prominent US and Chinese tech stocks — including Facebook and Amazon — are worth more, by market cap, than the stock markets of the eurozone and Japan. Bank of America Merrill Lynch has cited this size as a reason investors should reduce their exposure to tech stocks.

Money managers are flocking to a $23 trillion investing strategy that Morgan Stanley says is ready to take off

Environmental, social, and governance investing — also known as ESG — has exploded in popularity, with roughly $23 trillion being invested with at least a partial ESG mandate. Morgan Stanley sees several factors combining to make ESG an even bigger investment force than it already is.

There’s a ‘stock market for politics’ where users can make money on Washington’s chaos

If you have ever had money riding on a cloture vote, it is likely that you were playing the "stock market for politics" called PredictIt, a New Zealand-based prediction market where patrons can make money on the news of the day.

The mysterious trader known as ’50 Cent’ appears to be back betting on more stock market chaos

The mysterious volatility trader known as "50 Cent" appears to have made some new bets this week that the stock market will go nuts over the summer. The trades match a growing sentiment across Wall Street that the stock market could be in for a rocky ride over the next few months.