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I'm not sure I want to tell you that

Tesla is ‘waking up’ from its Model 3 dream

Tesla said last week it would lay off about 7% of its staff due to pressure on profits and Model 3 production challenges. Wall Street is responding.

Global markets are pausing for breath after a whirlwind start to 2019

Stocks, particularly in Asia, are becalmed Wednesday, with no major Chinese index moving in excess of 0.1% on the day.

Netflix is sliding after receiving its first-ever Oscar nomination for best picture

Netflix received its first best picture Oscar nomination Tuesday for the black-and-white drama "Roma." Shares slid 3%.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Instagram will become a $14 billion business for Facebook this year, analyst says

Jefferies told clients that Instagram will be a major driver of Facebook's growth as revenue from Facebook's core business is expected to slow.

China’s stocks rally after worst economic growth in almost 30 years leads to hopes the government will step in with stimulus

The Chinese economy grew 6.6%, the lowest annual increase in GDP since 1990, the year of international sanctions after the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Trump said tax cuts would be ‘rocket fuel’ for the US economy. Here’s why they weren’t.

Recent calls for a slowdown in the US economy highlight the disconnect between what Republican lawmakers expected and what has come to pass.
What should you do with your money during a volatile market?

Experts explain what to do with your money right now, whether or not a recession is looming

Experts broke down four different options: investing in index funds, stock-picking, storing money in high-yield savings, or in a checking account.

One of the most negative Netflix analysts on Wall Street explains what would make him change his tune

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter reiterated his bearish stance on the stock, but slightly lifted his price target.

‘Take off the blindfold’: Here’s what Wall Street is saying about Netflix earnings

Netflix shares slipped Friday after the streaming giant fell slightly short of sales estimates in its quarterly earnings report.

The Fed is Zeus and the algos are the underworld — Greek mythology is a lot like today’s wild markets, Macquarie says

Macquarie analysts break down how investors today can look to Greek mythology for a few lessons.