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President Donald Trump

Trump makes baseless claim that the stock market is plunging because of the prospect of Democrats investigating him

President Donald Trump attempted to link possible Democratic investigations of his finances for the recent weakness in the stock market.
House Speaker Paul Ryan

The most likely election outcome has been terrible news for stocks

It appears likely that the 2018 midterm election will see the Democrats win the House and the Republicans maintain control of the Senate.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s suddenly talking about a big new trade deal with China, but analysts say it’s just ‘pre-election hype designed to make the m...

President Donald Trump's sudden talk of a trade deal could be a political ploy to boost the stock market before the midterm elections, analysts say.

A $150 billion chief economist says the US market is past its peak — and warns there’s nothing else in the world that can step in to take ...

Larry Hatheway, the chief economist at GAM Investments, says the US stock market has reached a stage where it's beyond its peak — and warns there's no other global market capable of filling the void.
A still from the 1990 movie 'The Hunt for Red October,' which may or may not be a 100% accurate representation of the Cold War. The Cold War may have cost as much as $8 trillion.

‘Red October’ sees US stocks endure their worst month since the financial crisis

Concerns including a US-China trade war, Federal Reserve interest-rate policy, and a slowdown in global growth led to a wave of heavy selling.
A bear destroys a campsite.

The stock market’s ‘dead cat bounce’ is over and the rolling bear market is making a comeback, Morgan Stanley says

The stock market may have bounced back following its sell-off in early October, but Morgan Stanley says the selling is going to pick back up soon.

Trump claimed that he dumped all of his stocks right before the Black Monday crash in 1987 and blamed the US trade deficit for the fall

"I think the market is going to go down further, there are just too many things wrong with the country," Donald Trump said the day after Black Monday in 1987. Friday is the 31st anniversary of the historic crash.

Trump’s unusual Fed bashing raises the stakes of a policy blunder that damages the economy

President Donald Trump is blaming the Federal Reserve for the stock market's sell-off. Some investors have also pointed to concern about higher interest rates as a driver for the selling. By entering the debate, Trump is raising the stakes of a monetary-policy error.
CEO and CIO of DoubleLine Capital Jeffrey Gundlach

Gundlach says Trump is ‘being crazy like a Fox’ to blame the Fed for the market sell-off and explains why interest rates will keep rising

Jeff Gundlach, the CEO of DoubleLine Capital, said Thursday that President Donald Trump was "being crazy like a fox" for his rhetoric on the Federal Reserve. Amid the worst stock-market sell-off of his presidency, Trump had said the Fed was "going loco" by continuing to raise interest rates.