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Martin Gilbert

A $736 billion investor that survived the stock-market crash of a lifetime has 3 simple pieces of advice for anyone who’s just starting out

Martin Gilbert, the co-CEO of Standard Life Aberdeen, a $736 billion asset manager and the largest active manager in the UK, recently shared with Business Insider three things he thought investors could learn from the 2008 crash — especially those who weren't there.
Kim Kardashian West.

The $100,000 stocks that Kanye West bought Kim Kardashian for Christmas are up by 40%

Kanye West's investments have turned out to be very sound indeed. The rapper gave his wife Kim Kardashian West shares in Netflix, Disney, Adidas, Apple, and Amazon for Christmas last year — and they've certainly paid off.

‘It’s a late-innings game:’ Hedge fund billionaire David Tepper says he’s dumped some stocks, and warns of a bear market if Tr...

David Tepper, the co-founder of Appaloosa Management, said Thursday that he had reduced his holdings of US stocks. He told CNBC that stocks could drop between 5% and 20% if the trade war worsens.
Brad Katsuyama, chief executive of IEX Group, is pictured at IEX's new office space in 2014

Upstart exchange IEX snags its first listing from Nasdaq

It's an important moment for the young stock exchange which commands just 2% of the stock trading market.

Insurance and construction stocks are getting hammered ahead of Hurricane Florence

Equity investors are scrambling to position themselves ahead of Hurricane Florence's expected landfall on Friday morning. Insurance and construction-material stocks have been the worst hit so far, while companies specifically tied to the roofing industry have climbed.

MoviePass is trading at just 2 cents a share, but investors are still piling into bets it’s headed to zero

MoviePass parent Helios and Matheson Analytics has remained a popular target for short sellers, even as shares of the company trade near 2 cents. It's rare for short sellers to continue piling into bets against a company that's already fallen so far.
It's one of the most hated bull markets in stocks after all.

‘Nonsensical’: Some Wall Streeters say all the people celebrating the stock market’s longest-ever bull run are doing it wrong

The bull market in stocks is officially the longest on record by one measure, but not according to everybody. Business Insider tallied at least five different ways traders and strategists are keeping track of this rally.

IT’S OFFICIAL: The bull market in stocks is now the longest ever. Here are the 4 main reasons it broke the record.

The equity bull market is now the longest on record, at 3,453 days. The benchmark S&P 500 has surged a whopping 323% over the period, and it has four main drivers.

Obama made one of history’s greatest stock market calls 9 years ago

Obama was answering a reporter's question about the stock market. But he could not have known that it would end up being one of the most perfectly timed market calls ever. The current bull market is one day away from being the longest on record.