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Brian Norgard has joined the board of StockTwits

A former executive from Tinder is joining the board of a fast growing company that’s trying to teach millennial ‘noobies’ how to inv...

Norgard, a former Tinder executive, will help StockTwits expand into new areas of financial technology and media.

‘The home for all of your financial needs’: The CEO of Robinhood sets out his vision after announcing another move to compete with major b...

"You should be able to open Robinhood and get anything that you can walk into your local bank branch and get," Tenev said. "In the same way that you think of Amazon as the best value, place, and experience to buy something online, Robinhood should be the home for all of your financial needs."
Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street.

Wall Street bonuses are set to soar as volatility breathes new life into trading desks once left for dead

Wall Street bonuses may surge over the next six months as volatility breathes new life into trading desks left for dead, according to a quarterly report from a well-known compensation consultant.

5 years ago, the stock-trading app Robinhood was rejected by 75 investors — now it’s worth $5.6 billion

Robinhood, a zero-fee stock-trading app popular among millennials, confirmed its most recent funding round of $363 million, placing the company's worth at $5.6 billion. Its cofounder Vlad Tenev also said Robinhood would buckle down on its crypto offerings in the coming months.

Robinhood users ramped up deposits during Monday’s market bloodbath

It doesn't look like millennial users of popular stock trading app Robinhood are afraid of a market dip.

Robinhood, a stock-trading app built for millennials, is growing up

Robinhood, the zero-commission stock-trading app, has unveiled its new web platform.

The app that lets you trade stocks without paying any fees is now giving out lines of credit

Robinhood, the no-fee stock-trading app, has launched Robinhood Gold, a premium tier with features like a lines of credit and after-hours trading.

We could be set for a ‘brave new world’ of stock trading

ASX implements the first attempt at replacing current post-trade clearing house with blockchain technology

A hot stock-trading startup is venturing into China

Fast growing US fintech Robinhood startup is partnering with Baidu to expand into China.