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Gender diversity pays off: A new Stanford study finds equitable hiring boosts companies’ stock prices

Those investing in gender-diverse companies believe equitable hiring brings greater morality and innovation, the team of researchers wrote.

Stocks slide as China cancels US farmer visit

The S&P 500 index, Nasdaq composite, and Dow Jones industrial average all fell during US trading on Friday.

These 13 stocks are spring-loaded for a surge as it gets too expensive to short them

When borrowing costs increase, it becomes more expensive to short a stock. S3 Partners says this could lead to a short squeeze and push shares higher.

US senators have reportedly piled up to $96 million into stocks, including companies they regulate

Sen. Richard Shelby, who sits on housing and insurance subcommittees, owns up to $5 million worth of stock in a real estate insurance firm.
From left to right: US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He in Beijing on May 1, 2019.

Stocks close mixed as the US and China resume deputy-level trade talks

The Nasdaq composite rose during US trading on Thursday while the Dow Jones industrial average fell and the S&P 500 index remained unchanged.
Hello Kitty plush toys.

Mattel snagged the rights to Hello Kitty by flying a team to Tokyo and pitching the brand’s 91-year-old ‘patriarch’

"Hello Kitty was not available, it was not being pitched or presented for people to bid on," the toy giant's CEO said.
Jim Cramer was alarmed by the FedEx call.

FedEx just sounded the alarm on US growth — and Jim Cramer said it was the ‘most dispiriting call about the economy I’ve heard in a ...

"There is a lot of whistling past the graveyard about the US consumer and the United States economy versus what's going on globally."
Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

US stocks are set to drop after the Fed’s ‘hawkish shift’ tempers hopes for further rate cuts

The Fed cut rates by 25 basis points to counter slowing growth and the trade war, saying "moderate" action is enough for now. Oil rose 0.7% to about $64.

Stocks finished mixed as the Fed remains divided over further rate cuts

The Dow Jones industrial average, S&P 500 index, and Nasdaq composite all fell during US trading on Wednesday.

The batch of companies IPOing in 2019 is the least profitable since the tech bubble, Goldman Sachs finds

None of this year's newly tradable biotech companies are expected to turn a profit for the next three years, Goldman found.