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Tesla’s latest executive turmoil provides fuel for a group of skeptics hated by Elon Musk

Tesla's senior vice president of engineering, Doug Field, is taking a leave of absence. That fuels a popular argument used by Tesla short sellers, who have long been hated by CEO Elon Musk.

Oil surges to a fresh high as Middle East tensions spark violence

​"President Trump’s unilateral plans to tighten sanctions against Iran and pull out of the JCPOA agreement could see Iranian oil production and exports fall sharply," Dan Smith of Oxford Economics said on Wednesday evening.
Warren Buffett

‘It didn’t produce anything:’ Warren Buffett uses $10,000 to demonstrate why buying gold is much worse than buying stocks

At Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting on Saturday, Warren Buffett compared $10,000 invested in gold and stocks decades ago to demonstrate why he's always been bullish on buying the latter.

Warren Buffett shares the epiphany he had in 1942 that dictated the rest of his investment career

Warren Buffett has some regrets about a trade he made back in 1942, and it's informed his entire investment career ever since. He made the comments at Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder meeting.

Elon Musk calls out Tesla skeptics in a tweetstorm 2 days after his confrontational earnings call

Tesla CEO Elon Musk used Twitter on Friday morning to once again confront skeptics of his company. The tweetstorm followed a combative earnings call on Wednesday in which Musk ignored questions posed by two analysts.
Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel speaks onstage during 'Disrupting Information and Communication' at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on October 8, 2014 in San Francisco, California.

Stocks tumble as Fed holds rates steady and corporate earnings disappoint

Stocks slid on Wednesday, after the Fed left interest rates unchanged despite climbing inflation and some corporate earnings missed analyst expectations.

North and South Korea are inching closer to peace — and it could have as big an impact on markets as the fall of the Berlin Wall

With North Korea and South Korea making tentative steps towards an uneasy de-escalation of the decades long conflict between the two nations, some analysts have started to think about what a more liberal, open North Korea without nuclear weapons might mean for the world.

Stocks soar on stellar earnings

Stocks closed higher Thursday, boosted by better-than-expected earnings reports.

Asia stocks supported by Wall St, but China drags

Asia Stocks were su...
A protest leader blows his whistle during a Bangkok event.

A loud whistling noise halted trading on 7 global stock markets for several hours

Trading on the Nasdaq Nordic platform was delayed for hours last Wednesday after a fire alarm was accidentally triggered at a data centre in Väsby, Sweden, a town near Stockholm.