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Police in Louisville, Kentucky, pulled over 18-year-old Tae-Ahn Lea last August for a minor traffic violation — but then frisked and handcuffed him and asked why he was being so "negative."

Louisville police officers stopped, frisked, and handcuffed a teen driver for making a ‘wide turn,’ then criticized his attitude

The video has since gone viral and sparked a debate over whether police behave too aggressively when handling minor traffic violations.

Trump touts controversial stop-and-frisk for crime in Chicago

President Donald Trump said he wanted stop-and-frisk implemented as a crime-control measure in Chicago.Trump said the policy, which has been found to aid racial profiling by authorities and has no proven correlation to crime reduction "works and was meant for problems like Chicago."

New York police officers haven’t stopped with unconstitutional searches despite a court order three years ago

"Many [police officers] appear not to understand what is expected of them."

The NYPD will now issue ‘receipts’ for street stops

The introduction of 'receipts' comes as the NYPD faces scrutiny for its 'stop-and-frisk' tactics, which critics say disproportionately target minorities.