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More than 2,000 new stores are opening in 2019 as Costco, Dollar General, and TJ Maxx defy the retail apocalypse

Costco, Dollar General, TJ Maxx, and Aldi are among more than a dozen retailers planning to open stores in 2019.

Walmart wants to eliminate one of the biggest frustrations with returns

More Walmart employees will soon have the power to process returns by issuing refunds at store entrances.
Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus inside the flagship store.

Here are the oldest US retailers still in business today

Stores like Brooks Brothers and Walgreens are over 100 years old and are still operating today.
Americans still like shopping at physical stores.

The most popular clothing store chain in every state

Kohl's, Marshalls, Ross Dress for Less — Foursquare determined the most visited clothing store chain in every state.
Target's name came to be during a PR meeting.

The origins of 12 of your favorite stores’ names

Zara was "Zorba." Starbucks was named after a character in a classic American novel. Find out more store name origins that might surprise you.

Target changed its app after an investigation found prices went up for shoppers using it in stores — but it hasn’t changed the practice

Prices listed in Target's app change based on whether a customer is inside one of the company's stores. Now, the company is making that clearer.
Gap Inc.'s CEO said the company would be closing flagship locations in 2019.

Retailers from Gap to Ralph Lauren are giving up on their flagship stores — and experts say others will have to make big changes to keep the sto...

Retailers from Gap to Ralph Lauren are closing their flagship stores. Does the flagship model hold up in today's retail world?

7 things I took for granted as an American and miss now that I live in the UK

Here are seven "seemingly unimportant" things about the US that American author Jennifer Still misses now that she lives in the UK.
Saks Fifth Avenue confirmed it had been the victim of a data breach last April.

If you bought anything from these 10 companies in the last year, your data may have been stolen

Data breaches continue to be a threat. In the last year, at least 10 consumer companies reported that customer information was made vulnerable.
Bed Bath & Beyond's stores have been criticized for being "a mess" in the past.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s stores have been called ‘a mess,’ but the chain might be starting to turn that around

Bed Bath & Beyond's effort to clean up its stores is taking shape as it tries to "show more, carry less."