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Aimee Mullins keeps her knees and body relaxed when she's on stage.

Stranger Things star Aimee Mullins has done a decade of inspiring Ted Talks — her tips will help anyone be a better public speaker

Aimee Mullins Ted Talks have inspired millions of people and helped launch her acting career. She's so good, she's started to train people on public speaking. She shares her top tips that anyone can use to give a powerful talk or presentation.
"The Rain."

All your favorite Netflix original shows that have been renewed for another season

Hit Netflix original shows like "Stranger Things" and "Black Mirror" have been renewed by the streaming service and are either in production or awaiting release.
"Stranger Things."

Netflix’s 34 original drama series, ranked from worst to best

Over the years, Netflix has proven to be a hotbed for original drama series, with hit series like "House of Cards," "Stranger Things," and "Narcos."

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ creators are being sued, accused of ripping off the idea for the show from a short film

The Duffer Brothers, who created Netflix's "Stranger Things," are getting sued by a prodcuer who claims they ripped off his idea.
"The End of the F***ing World."

19 Netflix original shows that both critics and audiences agree are amazing

Here are the Netflix series that won over both critics and audiences, including its acclaimed new original "The End of the F***ing World" and "Stranger Things."
Eleven loves her Eggos.

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ boosted Eggo waffle sales because one of the main characters is obsessed with them

Eggo waffles sales saw an increase in 2017 because of "Stranger Things" season 2.

The 10 TV shows people are most likely to binge-watch first on Netflix, and how fast they finish them

Netflix figured out what shows people are most likely to binge first, and how long it takes for them to watch.

Netflix blew past subscriber growth targets in Q4, and the stock is soaring to record highs

Netflix reports Q4 earnings Monday, and rose to a record high during trading. Here's analysis of subscribers, revenue, and EPS.

UBS: Netflix is likely to stay on top of the video streaming world despite fierce competition

A UBS analyst believes Netflix is doing all the right things to put it ahead of the competition.