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Former Metlife CEO Steven Kandarian is one of the 1,160 CEOs to step down so far in 2019.

It’s been a record-breaking year for CEO departures. Here are the 26 most dramatic exits.

Nine months into the year, 2019 has already surpassed the number of CEO departures seen in the same time span during the 2008 recession.
Rob Thomas is the head of IBM Watson.

THE CHANGING C-SUITE: What the rise of information, data, and tech chiefs says about the future of leadership in America’s top companies

These stories can assist tech chiefs in navigating the evolving mandates of the role as they lead organizations through sweeping digital overhauls.
Marco Tedeschi, the CEO of RJ.

The millennial CEO at the head of one of the most controversial luxury watch brands in the world credits his success to two key factors: passion and l...

In January 2018, 32-year-old Marco Tedeschi was appointed the new CEO of Romain Jerome (now called RJ). Prior to that, he spent 10 years at Hublot.
How to tell if you've got a bad boss.

24 signs you have a terrible boss, and how to stop them from crushing your happiness

Know the signs of a terrible boss — from gossiping to throwing tantrums — so you can get out before it's too late.
Presidential contender Tom Steyer is a billionaire.

Here’s everything we know about the net worth and personal finances of each 2020 Democratic presidential candidate

The wealth of 2020 candidates ranges from those worth less than $200,000, to major Democratic donor Tom Steyer, who is worth $1.6 billion.

A CEO who writes 9,200 employee birthday cards a year explains the value of gratitude

BELFOR CEO Sheldon Yellen has been writing employees birthday cards since 1985. He says the gesture goes a long way toward a healthy company culture.
"Impact hiring" is at the very core of how MOD Pizza is run.

The cofounder of MOD Pizza, the fastest-growing restaurant chain in America, reveals how its hiring strategy was key to its meteoric rise during the r...

MOD Pizza cofounder Ally Svenson reveals how a commitment to purpose helped the brand became the fastest-growing restaurant chain in America.
Americans spend 27 minutes commuting.

Americans spend 9 days a year commuting to work. Here are the 25 US cities with the longest commutes.

Americans spend 20 more total minutes commuting than they did a decade ago, adding to the factors that make a city hard to work in.
Mark Cuban is one of the world's most successful investors.

16 major differences between successful and unsuccessful people

People who listen to others, ask questions, compliment others, and have a positive mindset tend to succeed.
Guests attend the September launch of the Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute at the University of Texas at Austin. Fashion brand Kendra Scott partnered with the university to establish a female leadership program to address the challenges faced by women in business.

Here’s how much things have changed for women-owned businesses since the ’80s (and how far we have to go), by the numbers

October is Women's Small Business Month, a nod to the October 1988 passage of a law that enabled women to secure loans without male co-signers.