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Malaysians triggered after being left out of top 50 street foods ranking – which put Singapore at #1

Malaysians are saying that there is "something very wrong" with the list, which is based on a survey of 92,000 business travellers.

Netizens are up in arms after Netflix featured Singapore and Indonesia in a show on Asian street food, but left out Malaysia

Netflix's new series will feature hawkers from nine countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. But not Malaysia.

People are queueing for 2 hours to get a £6 lunch from the world’s first Michelin Star street food chef

Hawker Chan is a Singaporean chef who's famous for his soya sauce chicken dish which he will be serving at KERB in King's Cross, London until March 16th.
Injogogibab, made with soy bean oil and topped with chili paste, was once used as a substitute for meat.

Stark photos show what street food is like in North Korea

Many North Koreans eat low-nutrient food that they buy from illegal markets.

19 of the best things to eat in London for under £10

London may not be a cheap city, but it does boast a thriving foodie scene with plenty of reasonably priced dining options — if you know where to find them.

11 of the wackiest street foods from around the world

Fried scorpions? Gummy bear nachos? Don't be afraid: these crazy foods are worth the risk.