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This is Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands.

These are the incredible results of Google’s ‘Sheep View,’ which used sheep to map a set of beautiful European islands

The stunning Faroe Islands wouldn't be on Google Street View without a little help from some sheep.

Google has upgraded its Street View cameras for the first time in 8 years — and the implications are worrying

The new cameras might be sharp enough to read a store's opening hours on a sign.

Google built a tiny Street View car to map out one of the world’s largest model cities

The "Miniatur Wunderland" exhibition, located in Hamburg, Germany, is the world's largest model railway. You can view the model city in Google Street View.

Google is strapping cameras to sheep for a new mapping project

Google loved the effort loaned official Street View equipment and a couple of professional 360-degree cameras to finish the job of mapping using sheep.