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Union members protest outside an Amazon warehouse in the UK.

Thousands of people across Europe are protesting and striking against Amazon on Black Friday

In Germany employees went on strike, and in some warehouses do not plan to return to work until after Cyber Monday.

Chaos is looming for air travel in Britain as pilots from 2 airlines prepare to go on strike

Pilots from Ryanair voted to strike just weeks after a similar vote by British Airways pilots. There are also looming strikes at London Heathrow.
Amazon canceled its move to New York.

Thousands of Amazon workers across Europe and the US are striking and protesting on Prime Day

Amazon workers in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, and Poland are protesting on Prime Day, Amazon's busiest shopping event of the year.
Uber drivers striking outside company HQ in London.

PHOTOS: Uber drivers across the world are striking about pay, conditions, and the firm’s ‘orgy of greed’

Uber and Lyft drivers went on strike on Wednesday, logging out of the app for the day and protesting.
An Amazon protestor in Madrid.

Amazon reportedly left police in Spain ‘dumbfounded’ by asking them to intervene in a mass warehouse strike and patrol worker productivity...

Thousands of Amazon workers across Europe went on strike on Black Friday in protest over working conditions at Amazon warehouses.

Ryanair is cutting flights to some winter destinations — and warns of more disruption to come

Ryanair is cutting flights to winter destinations and removing aircraft as labor strikes led the company to report a bleak full-year profit forecast. Europe's largest low cost-carrier in Europe said it suffered a fall in its flight traffic which hit revenue, due to September strikes from pilots and cabin crew across Europe in September.

Satellite photos show what Syrian sites looked like before and after the US-led strikes

The United States led "precision strikes" on Syria on Friday, in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack. Here's what the damage looked like.

Schools and businesses across the US are shuttering for the ‘Day Without a Woman’ strike

On International Women's Day, American women are holding a massive protest.

Schools and businesses across the US will shutter for the ‘Day Without a Woman’ strike

On International Women's Day, women are planning a massive protest.

Video game voice actors just declared a massive strike

The leading union for video game voice actors is demanding better safety regulations and more bonus pay.