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What happens if you stop paying back student loans?

What happens if you stop paying back student loans? Nothing good.

So what happens when you stop paying back student loans? The US government can step in to ensure your financial options are very limited.
Steven Donovan, a financial coach who paid off six-figure debt.

A man who paid off $118,000 in 5 years started by channeling his rage into a ‘debt tornado’

A 30-something with six-figure debt decided to channel his anger toward paying off the loan he disliked the most. Within five years, he was debt-free.

Going to grad school was the best thing I’ve ever done for my money, but taking out $33,000 of loans to do it was the worst

Grad school was worth it in the end, but financially, I did just about everything wrong ... starting from day one.
Author is not pictured.

5 things I wish I’d done at age 20 to avoid racking up $15,000 in debt

Credit card minimums are not your friend, and other sage wisdom for all the 20-year-olds in your life.

8 startling facts that show just how hard the student-debt crisis is hurting black Americans

Black students are more likely to take on debt, and graduates are nearly five times as likely to default on loans than their white peers.
When you pay off a loan or credit card, your credit score might drop — but don't panic.

Your credit score may drop after you finally pay off debt, but it’s only temporary

When you pay off an older loan and the account closes, the average age of your active accounts can drop, which can make your credit score go down.

7 grim facts about student loans that will make you feel less alone

Student loans have a far reaching impact, from immediate impacts on spending to future credit implications. Here's what two surveys have found.
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I’m still paying off $33,000 in grad school loans 7 years later, but I consider my degree to be the best thing I’ve ever done with my mone...

I earned my master's degree seven years ago, and despite the fact that I'm still paying off my student loans, I don't regret going back to school.

The average American family is spending more on student loans than fuel or healthcare

A JPMorgan Chase report also found that student-loan debt disproportionately affects young borrowers and low-income families.
Occupy Wall Street demonstrators participating in a street-theater production wear signs around their neck representing their student debt during a protest against the rising national student debt in Union Square, in New York.

These are the 15 worst US states for paying off your student loans

South Dakota, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia are the worst states for student loan debt, according to personal finance website WalletHub.