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How grad schools became the hidden culprit behind America’s student-debt crisis

Over half of the massive US student-loan debt comes from graduate schools, and it's a sign master's degrees aren't the path to wealth they used to be.
What happens if you stop paying back student loans?

What happens if you stop paying back student loans? Nothing good.

So what happens when you stop paying back student loans? The US government can step in to ensure your financial options are very limited.
Caitlin Boston's YouTube video, in which she's celebrating paying off over $200,000 of student loan debt.

A 35-year-old tech worker paid off over $200,000 of student debt by asking coworkers the ‘over/under’ question and landing a 41% raise

Caitlin Boston asked colleagues and other industry professionals if they made over or under a six-figure number.

Going to grad school was the best thing I’ve ever done for my money, but taking out $33,000 of loans to do it was the worst

Grad school was worth it in the end, but financially, I did just about everything wrong ... starting from day one.
The student debt problem hit a depressing milestone in 2018.

9 ways student debt is one more thing that’s worse for women than men

The student-loan debt crisis is hitting women hard. They carry most of the nation's student debt, and it takes them longer than men to repay it.
The total lifetime amount an undergraduate student can borrow in direct subsidized loans is $23,000.

A direct subsidized loan is the best type of student loan you can get

A direct subsidized loan is a government-backed student loan that does not accrue interest until six months after the borrower graduates.

8 startling facts that show just how hard the student-debt crisis is hurting black Americans

Black students are more likely to take on debt, and graduates are nearly five times as likely to default on loans than their white peers.
Make sure to compare your options before choosing a student loan.

How to choose a student loan to get the money you need for college or grad school

To choose a student loan, you'll first want to figure out how much you need to borrow, and then which options are available to you at what rates.

7 grim facts about student loans that will make you feel less alone

Student loans have a far reaching impact, from immediate impacts on spending to future credit implications. Here's what two surveys have found.

Nervous about paying for school? We had 4 experts tell us the secret to avoiding crippling college debt

INSIDER spoke to college coaches, academics, and social workers to find out some of the best ways to avoid college debt.