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You may burn more calories during the late afternoon.

What time of day your body may burn the most calories

According to a new scientific study, people may burn the most calories during the late afternoon. Here's why experts think that happens.
It's a tantalizing piece of information.

A Harvard researcher asked 2,000 people to guess coworkers’ salaries, with eyebrow-raising results

A study on pay transparency found that employees who learned their boss made more than they thought were subsequently motivated to work harder.
Relationships with others are important.

Scientists say selfish people earn less money and have fewer children — but there’s a catch

A new study suggests selfish people across the globe tend to make less money and have fewer kids than their more altruistic counterparts.
Winning the lottery could be just as life-changing as you imagine it would be.

Scientists say winning the lottery does make people feel better about life — even though decades of evidence suggests otherwise

Lottery winners in Sweden are more satisfied with life than people who lost the lottery — even two decades later. That's according to a new study, which refutes other scientific evidence suggesting that people eventually get used to their life circumstances.
A recent study suggests that sleeping with your ex could help someone move on from the breakup faster.

It turns out that sleeping with your ex may not be a bad idea after all, according to experts

A recent study suggests that having sex with your ex might not actually make it harder to move on. And it might actually have some benefits. Here's what the study says about sleeping with an ex.
That BMW isn't earning you any pals.

The status symbols we buy, wear, and drive make people want to do business with us — but not be our friends

New friends may be repelled by fancy status symbols, like T-shirts with designer logos and brand-name watches. In the business world, however, those same accessories may serve you well, according to a new scientific paper.

The results of the most brutal finance exam in the world have just been released — here are the questions those who took it faced

The Chartered Financial Analyst exams are notoriously difficult — every year, only about 40% of people pass.
It's another example of our egocentrism.

It’s not your imagination — scientists say other people are probably watching, even when you think they aren’t

A psychology study suggests that we underestimate how much other people pay attention to us. But they're not necessarily interested in the flaws that we're fixated on.
Try developing your passion instead.

All that advice to ‘find your passion’ isn’t just cliché — it could be actively bad

The psychology of being passionate about something is complicated. According to a new scientific paper, college students who believe that interests are innate may close themselves off to other areas — and even ditch their area of interest when it becomes too challenging.

A study of half a million people found more evidence that drinking coffee is associated with a longer life

A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that people who drink more coffee have a lower risk for death even if they drink eight or more cups per day and even if their genetics make them slow to process caffeine.