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7 new and classic brands you should consider when shopping for fall boots

Looking for the perfect version of a Chelsea boot for fall, or a snakeskin Western-inspired boot from a buzzy startup? Here's where to find both.

20 cold-weather men’s styles at Nordstrom that are equally functional and fashionable

Nordstrom Men has an impressive selection of outdoor winter gear that's equally fashionable and functional. These are our 20 favorite pieces.
Let's be honest, how often do you check your phone for the time instead of your watch?

Men around the world are wearing broken watches — but an expert says there’s more than one reason why

Men everywhere are wearing broken watches, according to the Wall Street Journal. We spoke to Hamilton Powell, CEO of online luxury watch market Crown & Caliber, to find out why.

The 3 biggest mistakes people make when buying a watch, according to an expert

Crown & Caliber CEO Hamilton Powell, whose company is the premier consignor of used luxury watches in the US, spoke to Business Insider about the biggest mistakes people make when they're buying a watch, and what they should be doing instead.