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Steve Madden reintroduced a classic pair of sandals in 2019.

Fashion trends from 2019 that are already on their way out

Animal patterns like cow and zebra were popular at the start of the year, but have since given way to snakeskin and leopard prints.
Products from Hayley William's hair-dye brand, Good Dye Young.

Paramore singer-turned-businesswoman Hayley Williams says anyone dyeing their hair should ask themselves why before they do it

In an interview with INSIDER, Williams discussed her personal hair journey and shared advice with people who are considering dyeing their hair.
Untitled.Save's relatable renditions of famous painting subjects from "Girl with a Pearl Earring" to the "Mona Lisa."

An artist reimagined famous artists and paintings as modern-day millennials

In artist Untitled.Save's portraits, the "Mona Lisa" subject is a social media influencer and Salvador Dalí is a hipster photographer.
Michelle Obama at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 11, 2019.

19 showstopping outfits Michelle Obama has worn on her book tour

Over the course of six months on the road, Obama wore tons of eye-catching ensembles — from bold pantsuits to $3,900 Balenciaga boots.

The worst beauty trends from over the years

Some beauty trends — like excessive face makeup, beehive hairstyles, and thin eyebrows — have not withstood the test of time.

The best women’s underwear you can buy

These are the best women's underwear companies, whether you want briefs, bikinis, thongs, hipsters, or boyshorts.
Christian Louboutin is famed for his iconic red-soled shoes.

Christian Louboutin says he’s ‘vaguely horrified’ by how some people wear his shoes

Louboutin added that he's always happy to see people wearing his creations.

The best sewing machines you can buy

Whether you're fixing holes in clothes, hemming pants, or creating pieces from garments, these are the best sewing machines you can buy.
George Clooney rocked a seriously styling '80s mullet.

12 famous men you completely forgot had long hair

From George Clooney to David Beckham, they all tried out a longer hairstyle, as opposed to their typical short haircut.

16 stars who have shared their natural hair journey with the world

From Solange to Issa Rae, we rounded up some stars who rock their natural hair and who have shared their thoughts and hair secrets.