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A Bombardier Learjet 45 in which the US government says Venezuela's PDVSA has an interest.

The US is going after Venezuela over aircraft it says endangered US military planes

The US blocked planes owned by Venezuela's state oil firm on Tuesday, several of which it said were involved in unsafe encounters with US aircraft.
A militia member with a banner reading "No More Trump Venezuela" at an anti-Trump demonstration in Caracas, August 10, 2019.

The US and Russia, and their fighter jets, are looming over Venezuela’s latest dispute

The US and Russia both want influence in Latin America, and they've put military hardware on offer to bolster their relationships there.
Small armoured artillery ship Berdyansk is seen in Odessa, Ukraine June 2, 2016. Picture taken June 2, 2016.

New pictures show exactly how severely Russia damaged a Ukrainian boat and set off a crisis in the Black Sea

The photos released showed the heavy damages to the Berdyansk, one of the damaged Ukrainian artillery boats that Russia fired upon and seized.

Russia claims a US aircraft was flying toward Russian airspace before its fighter jet turned on afterburners

A US Navy P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine warfare aircraft was intercepted by a Russian Air Force Su-30 Flanker fighter jet on November 25.

US aircraft experiences ‘violent turbulence’ after Russian fighter jet turns on afterburners

A Russian fighter jet reportedly made unsafe maneuvers near a US aircraft flying over the Black Sea.