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Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo has used her trailblazing career as a model for the scouts she now oversees.

Girl Scouts CEO explains why she’s not worried about Boy Scouts going co-ed

Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo had a career as a trailblazer, and now she's using her experience to reinvent the Girl Scouts with a science and tech focus. She's also doubling down on programs tailored to girls as Boy Scouts goes co-ed.
It's not about perfection, says John Brennan, pictured.

Former CIA Director John Brennan says a lesson from his father helped him navigate tense situations and 3 a.m. phone calls

John Brennan, who was the CIA Director until 2017, said his father told him to focus on doing the best thing for the country, even if he got criticized for it.

A celebrity chef reveals how a mundane chore from his dad turned into a powerful career lesson

José Andrés says his father wouldn't let him cook until Andrés learned to control the fire — and it taught him the importance of mastering the basics first.
Former commander Jocko Willink retired from the Navy SEALs in 2010.

A retired Navy SEAL commander explains what it was like to adjust to civilian life after 20 years of service

After serving as a Navy SEAL for 20 years, former commander Jocko Willink shares his experience living a civilian life and how he became successful from his military training.
David Sedaris, author of books including "Calypso."

Millions of readers love David Sedaris for his hilarious, poignant essays — but he says he’s just being himself

David Sedaris is an award-winning author and performer who's sold millions of books. Around the release of his latest, "Calypso," we discussed his career path and the value of not compromising on who you are.
Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink and his team rebelled against their platoon leader for being "tyrannical."

A retired Navy SEAL says SEALs’ blind obedience shown in books and movies isn’t anything like real life

Before retiring in 2010, Jocko Willink trained and served as a leader in the military for 20 years and led the most highly decorated US special operations unit of the Iraq War, SEAL Team 3, Task Unit Bruiser. Achieving that success did not come from blind obedience, he said.
Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, says Sam Yagan.

Starting a company won’t make you a good CEO, the serial-entrepreneur cofounder of OKCupid says

Sam Yagan, the cofounder of OKCupid and SparkNotes who now serves as the CEO of ShopRunner, said it took more than a good idea to start a company and lead it successfully. It's combination of luck, failure, and surrounding yourself with people smarter than you.
Jocko Willink served as the commanding officer for SEAL Team 3, before retiring in 2010.

A retired Navy SEAL commander explains the personality best-suited for life as a SEAL

Retired Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink said that the type of young man drawn to the Navy SEALs is aggressive and independent. It's through the discipline of the SEALs that these traits can be honed constructively, rather than leading to trouble.
Sallie Krawcheck is the founder and CEO of Ellevest, which offers investment-planning options tailored to women — who have typically invested far less than men.

Sallie Krawcheck, once the ‘most powerful woman on Wall Street,’ says her startup Ellevest doesn’t ’empower’ women ̵...

Ellevest founder and CEO Sallie Krawcheck shares the lessons she learned from a career as a top Wall Street executive, and why her experience inspired her to change the way women approach investing their money.
Tina Brown developed a loyal group of employees.

The editor behind Vanity Fair, the New Yorker, and The Daily Beast explains how she’s been able to create hit after hit

Tina Brown was an editor for Vanity Fair and The New Yorker and achieved great success by hiring her friends and a terrific team. A balance of great employees also helped in the creation of The Daily Beast and her employees have stayed loyal to Brown.