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Reddit and Initialized Capital cofounder Alexis Ohanian speaks at Business Insider's 2018 Ignition conference.

Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian says we need to move past ‘hustle porn’ and have a more realistic understanding of what it takes to be suc...

Alexis Ohanian said entrepreneurs should stop following a paradigm of working themselves to exhaustion every day, because that hurts business.
Heather Dietrick is the CEO of the Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast CEO Heather Dietrick once had to tell 200 people that Gawker was going bankrupt, and she says that ‘wartime’ leadership st...

Daily Beast CEO Heather Dietrick shares what she learned from being in "wartime mode" at Gawker and how she's taken risks throughout her career.
Enjoy your break.

17 things successful people do over long weekends

Here are some expert tips on how to make the most of your three-day weekend.
This is why we're always jumping from one workout to the next.

The biggest threat to success isn’t failure — it’s something much harder to beat

When you're bored with good habits you've been practicing for a while, it can be hard to stick with them. Is the solution a "variable reward" system?

25 of the best leadership and success books to read in your lifetime, according to Amazon

These books by psychologists, economists, competitive athletes, and others will help you conquer the world.
Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015.

How this CEO used a simple system to nail his work-life balance and build a company that just sold for $8 billion

List every job you have. Then get to work. That's the method that Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith used to build a company that he just sold to SAP for $8 billion.
Your morning routine doesn't have to be grueling.

A man who asked 300 successful people about their morning routines found early risers aren’t nearly as intense as we’re led to believe

Not all successful people are as regimented about their morning routines as it may appear. Falling into a 24-hour trap is one of the potential problems with strict morning routines.
Figuring out what to wear for an interview doesn't have to be a stressful process.

There’s an easy way to figure out what to wear to an interview even if you have no clue what the office culture is like

Deciding what to wear to an interview can be confusing, as offices shift from formal to business casual. To figure out what to wear, call your recruiter in advance or ask a friend at the company what they recommend.
Drew Carey became the host of "The Price Is Right" in 2007.

The millionaire host of ‘The Price is Right’ says a smart person does the same thing for their career every day — so other people do...

"The Price Is Right" host Drew Carey uses vision boards to set personal goals every day. Carey said if you don't set goals for yourself regularly, you can be vulnerable to doing things that other people want you to do.

11 things successful people do during an afternoon lull

There are ways to get around the 2 p.m. energy crash besides mindlessly scrolling on Instagram. One ideal way: get coffee near the office with a coworker. You'll stretch your legs, fuel up on caffeine, and strengthen your bonds with your colleagues.