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An Adobe executive once accidentally leaked plans to the press before discussing them with the CEO — and it was the best thing to happen to the ...

VP of Human Resources Donna Morris was on a plane to India when she started talking to a reporter from the India Times about her plans to change up the company's employee review process. A system called Check-in was put in place that same year.
Suits used to be the norm, but in modern workplaces, business casual is often enough.

A good suit can cost up to $1,000 — here’s how to figure out if you need to buy one for work

"Do I need to wear a suit?" is a common question in increasingly informal workplaces. When it comes to what to wear to work, some industries expect you to suit up — but many don't.
Go for simple separates that can be mixed and matched.

How to dress for your first job without blowing your paycheck

If your wardrobe is more fit for bar-hopping or snoozing in lecture halls, you'll need to update it for entering the workforce. Personal finance experts and stylists told Business Insider what to buy, where to buy it, and how much you can reasonably expect to spend.
Kathleen King, founder of Tate's Bake Shop.

The founder of a $500 million baked-goods empire says the failure of her first cookie company taught her a crucial lesson about hard work and success

Tate's Bake Shop, home to America's No. 1 chocolate chip cookie, recently sold to Mondolēz International for $500 million. Its founder, Kathleen King, credits the success of Tate's to losing her first business. Find out how she created a multi-million dollar cookie empire.
JPMorgan Chase's chief marketing officer Kristin Lemkau

Top execs in banking, retail, and tech are saying they don’t practice work-life balance — because they found something better

JP Morgan Chase CMO Kristin Lemkau said she uses technology to her advantage when trying to juggle work and family responsibilities. Other executives have also talked about the importance of work-life integration, as opposed to balance.
GOAT cofounder and CEO Eddy Lu only found success after years of persistence through failure and frustration.

The CEO of the world’s biggest sneaker marketplace explains how a string of failed startups led to one worth $250 million

Eddy Lu and his cofounder built GOAT, which has become the world's largest resale market for high-end sneakers. He explained how this only came after more than a decade of failed startups and lessons learned along the way.
Success looks different at work and at home.

The very traits that make you good at your job can also make you terrible in relationships

Success at work may be related to difficulties at home — specifically because the qualities that make you good at your job can make you a less-than-ideal partner. We spoke to experts to figure out why.
Think before you speak.

The most successful people know a truth about quitting most of us don’t understand

A goal becomes more attainable once you quit something else that's less easily achievable. You can call it "strategic quitting," and psychologists have documented the benefits.
Complete confidence is overrated. Kathryn Minshew pictured.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs aren’t always completely sure what they’re doing, and that’s a good thing

Coffee Meets Bagel COO Dawoon Kang and The Muse CEO Kathryn Minshew say they've accepted that they may never be completely confident in their decisions. But that lurking self-doubt be what makes them good at their jobs.
Patrick Collison.

The 29-year-old CEO of Stripe reveals what it’s really like running a $9.2 billion startup

Stripe, the payments company founded eight years ago by two Irish brothers, is now worth $9.2 billion. But its 29-year-old CEO, Patrick Collison, says running a successful startup doesn't get any easier.