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The authoritarian regime of Sudan was one Hacking Team client.

Crypto exchange Coinbase hired mercenaries who sold spyware to Saudi Arabia and Sudan —then fired them after backlash

Coinbase says it parted ways with staffers after reports linked them to a firm that sold spyware to repressive regimes to monitor dissidents.

Saudi Arabia is reportedly paying up to $10,000 to Sudanese militiamen, including child soldiers, to fight in their brutal war in Yemen

The New York Times reported that soldiers as young as 14 were being recruited by the Saudi-led coalition.
Mossad agents operated the Arous beach resort as a front.

Israel set up an entire fake luxury resort in the 1980s as a front for Mossad to evacuate Jews from Sudan

Mossad agents at the Arous tourist resort posed as diving instructors, hotel managers, and staff.

The world’s last northern white rhino, who showed ‘what extinction looks like,’ was captured in this stunning photo before he died

Sudan's story, and the story of the northern white rhinoceros, is emblematic of how destructive the relationship between humans and animals can be.
A map showing Bir Tawil.

This man is the latest in a series of travellers to declare ownership of a bizarre no man’s land in north Africa

Suyash Dixit has laid claim to Bir Tawil, a stateless territory between Egypt and Sudan, and named himself king.

Russian ambassadors keep dying in mysterious ways

Another Russian ambassador just died — the 8th over the past two years.

The world’s 25 most fragile states

Amazingly, Syria — which has entered its sixth year of civil war — isn't the most fragile state in the world, according to the survey.

South Sudan lets fighters rape women in place of wages

UN human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein also warned that brutal rapes had been used systematically as "an instrument of terror and weapon of war."