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Half of all hawker stalls in Singapore now offer healthier choices, MOH says

The number of healthier meals sold has increased from 25 million meals in 2016 to 180 million in 2018, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said. 

Singapore is the first country to ban advertisements for high-sugar drinks – here’s what will happen

Drinks with medium-to-high sugar content will have to carry compulsory "unhealthy" labels.

Almost 3 in 5 Singaporeans would support a total ban on high-sugar drinks: Survey

How far would you be willing to go to protect your health? Many Singaporeans don't mind a sugar ban.

MOH wants public consultation on whether Singapore should ban or tax high-sugar drinks

High sugar intake of people in Singapore is a major factor for obesity and diabetes.

A one-peso soda tax in Mexico could save more than 18,000 lives and a billion dollars in the next decade

Mexico introduced a one-peso-per-liter tax on soda in 2014, and the evidence is mounting that the effort it saving lives.

Four cities are voting on ballot initiatives that should terrify Coke and Pepsi

On November 8, residents of Boulder, Colo. and three cities in the Bay Area will vote on whether or not to implement a tax on sugary drinks.

A new study says soda taxes could save millions of dollars in healthcare costs — and that should terrify Coke and Pepsi

A new study concludes that proposed soda taxes would lead to millions of dollars in savings on healthcare costs.